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Can you name the Science terms that begin with P?

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HintP word
A subatomic particle found in the nucleus of an atom
The quantum of light (the smallest particle representing light)
Physical constant used in quantum mechanics, denoted h
An astronomical object orbiting a star with enough mass to be rounded by its own gravity
The smallest element in any display
A derivative with respect to only one variable in a multivariable function
Prefix meaning 10^-12
Phenomenon where electrons are emitted by matter absorbing light
The time derivative of energy, having the SI unit Watt
The force per unit area applied perpendicular to that surface
The antimatter counterpart to the electron
A process by which green plants make sugar using energy from sunlight
An organ responsible for creating hormones and digestive enzymes
In mathematics, a triangular array of the binomial coefficients
Two lines in a plane which never cross are considered this
The time it takes for an oscillation to complete one cycle
A state of matter similar to ionized gas
An element with symbol K and atomic number 19
A group of unicellular protists which have the animal-like ability to move on their own
Expression entirely consisting of variables and numbers only using addition, subtraction, multiplication and integer exponents

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