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Can you name the Second Place Finishers in the NASCAR Winston Cup / Grand National Races Won by Bobby Allison?

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1966 Race #31Oxford, ME (Oxford Plains Speedway)
1966 Race #33Islip, NY (Islip Speedway)
1966 Maryland 200Beltsville, MD (Beltsville Speedway)
1967 Race #9Winston-Salem, NC (Bowman-Gray Stadium)
1967 Race #15Savannah, GA (Savannah Speedway)
1967 Race #24Birmingham, AL (Fairgrounds Raceway)
1967 Maine 300Oxford, ME (Oxford Plains Speedway)
1967 American 500Rockingham
1967 Western North Carolina 500Weaverville, NC (Asheville-Weaverville Speedway)
1968 Middle Georgia 500Macon, GA (Middle Georgia Raceway)
1968 Islip 300Islip, NY (Islip Speedway)
1969 Alabama 200Montgomery, AL (Montgomery Speedway)
1969 Southeastern 500Bristol
1969 Gwyn Staley 400North Wilkesboro
1969 Capital City 250Richmond
1969 Georgia 500Macon, GA (Middle Georgia Raceway)
1970 Atlanta 500Atlanta
1970 Volunteer 500Bristol
1970 Tidewater 300Hampton, VA (Langley Speedway)
1971 World 600Charlotte
1971 Mason-Dixon 500Dover
1971 Motor State 400Michigan
1971 Winston Golden State 400Riverside
1971 Space City 300Houston, TX (Meyer Speedway)
1971 Myers Brothers 250Winston-Salem, NC (Bowman-Gray Stadium)
1971 Yankee 400Michigan
1971 Talladega 500Talladega
1971 Southern 500Darlington
1971 National 500Charlotte
1971 Georgia 500Macon, GA (Middle Georgia Raceway)
1972 Qualifying Race #2Daytona
1972 Atlanta 500Atlanta
1972 Southeastern 500Bristol
1972 Mason-Dixon 500Dover
1972 Volunteer 500Bristol
1972 Northern 300Trenton, NJ (Trenton Speedway)
1972 Dixie 500Atlanta
1972 Nashville 420Nashville
1972 Southern 500Darlington
1972 National 500Charlotte
1972 American 500Rockingham
1973 Tuborg 400Riverside
1973 Wilkes 400North Wilkesboro
1974 Richmond 500Richmond
1974 Los Angeles Times 500Ontario, CA (Ontario Motor Speedway)
1975 Winston Western 500Riverside
1975 Qualifying Race #1Daytona
1975 Rebel 500Darlington
1975 Southern 500Darlington
1978 Daytona 500Daytona
1978 Atlanta 500Atlanta
1978 Delaware 500Dover
1978 NAPA National 500Charlotte
1978 Los Angeles Times 500Ontario, CA (Ontario Motor Speedway)
1979 Carolina 500Rockingham
1979 Northwestern Bank 400North Wilkesboro
1979 Winston 500Talladega
1979 NAPA Riverside 400Riverside
1979 Capital City 400Richmond
1980 Mason-Dixon 500Dover
1980 Firecracker 400Daytona
1980 Capital City 400Richmond
1980 Holly Farms 400North Wilkesboro
1981 Winston Western 500Riverside
1981 First UNO Twin 125 QualifierDaytona
1981 Winston 500Talladega
1981 World 600Charlotte
1981 Gabriel 400Michigan
1981 Winston Western 500Riverside
1982 Busch ClashDaytona
1982 Daytona 500Daytona
1982 Mason-Dixon 500Dover
1982 Van Scoy Diamond Mine 500Pocono
1982 Firecracker 400Daytona
1982 Mountain Dew 500Pocono
1982 Champion Spark Plug 400Michigan
1982 Wrangler Sanfor-Set 400Richmond
1982 Atlanta Journal 500Atlanta
1983 Richmond 400Richmond
1983 Mason-Dixon 500Dover
1983 Van Scoy Diamond Mine 500Pocono
1983 Southern 500Darlington
1983 Wrangler Sanfor-Set 400Richmond
1983 Budweiser 500Dover
1984 Second UNO Twin 125 QualifierDaytona
1984 Warner W. Hodgdon Carolina 500Rockingham
1984 World 600Charlotte
1986 Winston 500Talladega
1987 Pepsi Firecracker 400Daytona
1988 First Twin 125 QualifierDaytona
1988 Daytona 500Daytona

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