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'I want to hold you in the Bible-black predawn,,,'
'The best band will never get signed...'
'They are hissing radiator tunes...'
'Buried you alive in a fireworks display...'
'You are so oblivious to yourself...'
'Displayers of affection and all good intentions...'
'Once in Germany someone said nein...'
You're pissed that you missed the very last kiss...'
'The world record players on a tour of Japan...'
'I want a name and a newborn child...'
'I know you've gotta God-shaped hole...'
'In love like a stupid lump of clay...'
'I'm the boy with the poetry power...'
'I can't call with a subway token...'
'If you're strung out like a kite...'
'A haunted stain never fades...'
'Blood in the sink, blood in the trunk...'
'No one gives a zig and a zag...'
'A watch that ticks is wrapped around my wrist...'
'I'm a hole without a key if I break my tongue...'

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