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Can you name the MLB 2012 Opening Day Starting Lineups?

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SSNew York Yankees
CFNew York Yankees
2BNew York Yankees
3BNew York Yankees
1BNew York Yankees
RFNew York Yankees
DHNew York Yankees
CNew York Yankees
LFNew York Yankees
SPNew York Yankees
CFTampa Bay Rays
RFTampa Bay Rays
3BTampa Bay Rays
DHTampa Bay Rays
SSTampa Bay Rays
2BTampa Bay Rays
1BTampa Bay Rays
CTampa Bay Rays
LFTampa Bay Rays
SPTampa Bay Rays
CFBoston Red Sox
2BBoston Red Sox
1BBoston Red Sox
DHBoston Red Sox
3B Boston Red Sox
RFBoston Red Sox
LFBoston Red Sox
CBoston Red Sox
SSBoston Red Sox
SPBoston Red Sox
CFDetroit Tigers
RFDetroit Tigers
3BDetroit Tigers
1BDetroit Tigers
LFDetroit Tigers
DHDetroit Tigers
SSDetroit Tigers
CDetroit Tigers
2BDetroit Tigers
SPDetroit Tigers
CFMinnesota Twins
SSMinnesota Twins
CMinnesota Twins
DHMinnesota Twins
LFMinnesota Twins
RFMinneosta Twins
3BMinnesota Twins
1BMinnesota Twins
2BMinnesota Twins
SPMinnesota Twins
LFBaltimore Orioles
SSBaltimore Orioles
RFBaltimore Orioles
CFBaltimore Orioles
CBaltimore Orioles
3BBaltimore Orioles
DHBaltimore Orioles
1BBaltimore Orioles
2BBaltimore Orioles
SPBaltimore Orioles
SSToronto Blue Jays
2BToronto Blue Jays
RFToronto Blue Jays
1BToronto Blue Jays
DHToronto Blue Jays
3BToronto Blue Jays
LFToronto Blue Jays
CToronto Blue Jays
CFToronto Blue Jays
SPToronto Blue Jays
CFCleveland Indians
SSCleveland Indians
RF Cleveland Indians
CCleveland Indians
DHCleveland Indians
LFCleveland Indians
1BCleveland Indians
2BCleveland Indians
3BCleveland Indians
SPCleveland Indians
CFChicago White Sox
3BChicago White Sox
DHChicago White Sox
1BChicago White Sox
CChicago White Sox
RFChicago White Sox
SSChicago White Sox
LFChicago White Sox
2BChicago White Sox
SPChicago White Sox
2BTexas Rangers
SSTexas Rangers
CFTexas Rangers
3BTexas Rangers
DHTexas Rangers
RFTexas Rangers
1BTexas Rangers
CTexas Rangers
LFTexas Rangers
SPTexas Rangers
LFKansas City Royals
CFKansas City Royals
1BKansas City Royals
DHKansas City Royals
RFKansas City Royals
2BKansas City Royals
3BKansas City Royals
CKansas City Royals
SSKansas City Royals
SPKansas City Royals
SSLos Angeles Angels
2B Los Angeles Angels
1BLos Angeles Angels
RFLos Angeles Angels
LFLos Angeles Angels
DHLos Angeles Angels
3BLos Angeles Angels
CLos Angeles Angels
CFLos Angeles Angels
SPLos Angeles Angels
3BSeattle Mariners
2BSeattle Mariners
RFSeattle Mariners
1BSeattle Mariners
DHSeattle Mariners
LFSeattle Mariners
CSeattle Mariners
CFSeattle Mariners
SSSeattle Mariners
SPSeattle Mariners
2BOakland Athletics
LFOakland Athletics
RFOakland Athletics
CFOakland Athletics
COakland Athletics
DHOakland Athletics
1BOakland Athletics
3BOakland Athletics
SSOakland Athletics
SPOakland Athletics
CFPhiladelphia Phillies
3BPhiladelphia Phillies
SSPhiladelphia Phillies
RFPhiladelphia Phillies
1BPhiladelphia Phillies
LFPhiladelphia Phillies
CPhiladelphia Phillies
2BPhiladelphia Phillies
SPPhiladelphia Phillies
LFPittsburgh Pirates
RFPittsburgh Pirates
CFPittsburgh Pirates
2BPittsburgh Pirates
1BPittsburgh Pirates
CPittsburgh Pirates
3BPittsburgh Pirates
SSPittsburgh Pirates
SPPittsburgh Pirates
CFNew York Mets
2BNew York Mets
3BNew York Mets
1BNew York Mets
LFNew York Mets
RFNew York Mets
CNew York Mets
SSNew York Mets
SPNew York Mets
CFAtlanta Braves
3BAtlanta Braves
CAtlanta Braves
2BAtlanta Braves
1BAtlanta Braves
LFAtlanta Braves
RFAtlanta Braves
SSAtlanta Braves
SPAtlanta Braves
SSWashington Nationals
2BWashington Nationals
3BWashington Nationals
1BWashington Nationals
RFWashington Nationals
LFWashington Nationals
CFWashington Nationals
CWashington Nationals
SPWashington Nationals
RFChicago Cubs
2BChicago Cubs
SSChicago Cubs
1BChicago Cubs
LFChicago Cubs
3BChicago Cubs
CFChicago Cubs
CChicago Cubs
SPChicago Cubs
CFSan Diego Padres
RFSan Diego Padres
3BSan Diego Padres
LFSan Diego Padres
CSan Diego Padres
1BSan Diego Padres
2BSan Diego Padres
SSSan Diego Padres
SPSan Diego Padres
SSLos Angeles Dodgers
2BLos Angeles Dodgers
CFLos Angeles Dodgers
RFLos Angeles Dodgers
LFLos Angeles Dodgers
1BLos Angeles Dodgers
3BLos Angeles Dodgers
CLos Angeles Dodgers
PLos Angeles Dodgers
RFMilwaukee Brewers
SSMilwaukee Brewers
RFMilwaukee Brewers
3BMilwaukee Brewers
2BMilwaukee Brewers
CMilwaukee Brewers
1BMilwaukee Brewers
CFMilwaukee Brewers
SPMilwaukee Brewers
SSSt. Louis Cardianls
RFSt. Louis Cardinals
LFSt. Louis Cardinals
1BSt. Louis Cardinals
3BSt. Louis Cardinals
CSt. Louis Cardinals
CFSt. Louis Cardinals
2BSt. Louis Cardinals
SPSt. Louis Cardinals
SSArizona Diamondbacks
CFArizona Diamondbacks
RFArizona Diamondbacks
CArizona Diamondbacks
1BArizona Diamondbacks
LFArizona Diamondbacks
3BArizona Diamondbacks
2BArizona Diamondbacks
SPArizona Diamondbacks
CFSan Francisco Giants
RFSan Francisco Giants
3BSan Francisco Giants
CSan Francisco Giants
LFSan Francisco Giants
1BSan Francisco Giants
2BSan Francisco Giants
SSSan Francisco Giants
SPSan Francisco Giants
2BColorado Rockies
CFColorado Rockies
LFColorado Rockies
SSColorado Rockies
1BColorado Rockies
RFColorado Rockies
CColorado Rockies
3BColorado Rockies
SPColorado Rockies
CFHouston Astros
2BHouston Astros
LFHouston Astros
1BHouston Astros
RFHouston Astros
3BHouston Astros
CHouston Astros
SSHouston Astros
SPHouston Astros
CFCincinnati Reds
2BCincinnati Reds
1BCincinnati Reds
RFCincinnati Reds
3BCincinnati Reds
LFCincinnati Reds
CCincinnati Reds
SSCincinnati Reds
SPCincinnati Reds
SSMiami Marlins
CFMiami Marlins
3BMiami Marlins
RFMiami Marlins
LFMiami Marlins
1BMiami Marlins
2BMiami Marlins
CMiami Marlins
SPMiami Marlins

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