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Can you name the 5 letter words about turtles?

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Clue5 Letter Word
**Some are very hard, others can be softer**
___ we dance?
A sedimentary rock
Circle, square, triangle..
The Half-blood Prince
**Alligator or Common, both are a special kind that ____ with its jaws**
While switching one thing for another, one ___ them.
While trying to kill a bug one ____ at it.
Places to sit
To warm up something one ___ it up.
Clue5 Letter Word
When one begins to go in the direction of something one ____ toward it.
Not one who follows but one who...
**Multiple of a common food source**
____ of light (minus the G)
Where pieces of fabric are brought together at
When one closes a door forcefully, one ___ it.
When one loses weight, one ____ down.
A gooey substance
To slice off
**Named for the color of its (#1), _____ Ridley Sea Turtle**

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