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Can you name the Pokemon with special methods of Evolution?

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Dawn Stone
Male only  
Female only 
Dusk Stone
Fire Stone
Ice Stone
Knowing a Move
Dragon Pulse 
Ancient Power 
Ancient Power 
Fairy Move+Affection 
Ancient Power 
Double Hit 
Leaf Stone
Level in Area
Magnetic Field 
Mount Lanakila 
Magnetic Field 
Ice Rock 
Magnetic Field 
Moss Rock 
Level in the Day
Level 34 
Level 25 
Holding Oval Stone 
Level 39 
Level 20 
Level in the Evening
Level 25 
Level in the Night
Level 25 
Level 20 
Holding Razor Claw 
Level 39 
Holding Razor Fang 
Level 28(Alola) 
Level with Friendship
Moon Stone
Shiny Stone
Sun Stone
Thunder Stone
Holding Reaper Cloth 
Holding Dubious Disc 
Holding Deep Sea Tooth 
Holding Deep Sea Scale 
Holding Prism Scale 
Holding Sachet 
Holding Whipped Dream 
With Karrablast 
With Shelmet 
Holding Protector 
Holding King's Rock  
Holding Up-Grade 
Holding King's Rock 
Holding Metal Coat 
Holding Magmarizer 
Holding Electirizer 
Holding Metal Coat 
Holding Dragon Scale 
Attack is less than Defense 
ttack is equal to Defense 
Personality Value 
Meltan Candy 
Attack is more than Defense 
Personality Value 
Level 32 with Dark Pokemon 
Level 20 by area(Female only) 
With Remoraid in party 
Level 20 with party slot 
Level 30 and upside down 3DS 
Level 53 and Pokemon (Ultra) Sun 
Level 53 and Pokemon (Ultra) Moon 
Level 50 in Rain or Fog 
Water Stone

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