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Can you name the Starcraft A to Z?

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A - Young protoss scout (hero unit)
B - Attacks with toxic spores
C - Nickname for max upgraded zergling
D - Corsair's ability
E - Terran building
F - Hero who guarded the warpgate with Raynor
G - Bad manner not to say this when you lose/leave a game
H - Verb used to describe a player making a huge mistake. Based off of a progamer's name
I - Flying protoss unit
J - Legend Killer / The Tyrant
K - Flash's current team
L - Mid-game unit used in a contain
M - Bio units used in TvZ (2)
N - Three words you never want to hear when playing against terran.
O - Unit that costs 25 minerals 75 gas and 1 food
P - Popular 4 player map that replaced Lost Temple
Q - Building needed to upgrade a Lair into a Hive
R - The 4th playable Starcraft race
S - Currently the most common single factory expansion build vs. protoss
T - Sexy white commentator on GomTV
U - Late-game zerg unit
V - When constructed, the unit says 'Alright! Bring it on!'
W - The act of using buildings in a defensive manner
X - DDR Terran or The Perfect Terran
Y - A powerful blast from a flying terran unit
Z - A protoss who revealed the location of Aiur to the Overmind on accident

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