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Whats Monk's first name?
What is Sharona's sons name?
Who was Monk's biggest fan?
In which season does Natalie become Monk's assistant?
What was the name of Monk's therapist played by Hector Elizondo?
Who was Monk's neighbour who was murdered?
Monks brother Ambrose never leaves his house, what phobia does he suffer from?
Dale Biederbeck is better known as who?
Leland Stottlemeyer is the captain of which police department?
What instrument does Randy Disher play?
In the episode Mr Monk and the panic room, what animal is accused of murder?
In the episode Mr Monk and the big reward, who finds the missing diamond?
How many seasons of Monk were there?
What is the only episode that doesn't start with Mr Monk?
Which singer guest starred in the episode Mr Monk and the voodoo curse?

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