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What is Glenn's last name?
What did Rick see written on the door inside the hospital?
What was Hershel's occupation?
What was carl staring at when he got shot?
What was Carol's daughters name?
Who did Daryl have a hallucination of in the forest?
What weapon does Michonne use?
What eye does the governor wear the patch on?
What is Martinez's first name?
What type of flower does Daryl give to Carol?
What does Shane teach Carl how to catch?
What was the name of Andrea's sister?
What nickname does Daryl give judith?
What does Rick write on the sign when they leave Terminus?
What was the name of the officer that Beth kills
Name the two girls that Carol looked after
What was the first name of the officer that Rick killed?
Who killed Beth?
What is the name of the priest?
What was placed on the cross for Tyreese's grave?

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