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What is Rachel wearing in the Pilot episode?
What holiday does Chandler hate?
What does Mike change his name to?
What type of car does Monica's dad give to her?
Who was Ross mugged by when he was younger?
How many sisters does joey have?
Why does Phoebe break up with Gary?
What was Tag's (Rachels assistant) last name?
Who leaves Monica the dolls house?
What game show audition did Joey practice with Ross and Chandler?
Why doesn't Ross like icecream?
What type of cat does Rachel buy?
What occupation did Erica think Monica had?
Why does Joey put a turkey on his head?
What was the name of the guy that Monica and Rachel accidentally fogged?
What did Joey name the boat he bought at the auction?
What instrument did Ross want to play at Monica and Chandler's wedding?
To get away from Janice, where did Chandler say he was moving to?
What was the name of the painting that Phoebe gave Monica?
Who played the role of Rachel's yelling boyfriend?

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