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What is Gus's full name?
Which police department is the show centered around?
How do most episodes begin?
What was Mary's Surname?
Who was the show created by?
Which actor plays Lassie?
What movie does Yin 'bring to life'
Who was the elusive Canadian art thief?
Who did Lassie marry once she got out of prison?
Where did Shawn hide the ring, when he was going to propose to Juliet?
Which character's first appearance was in the episode High Top Fade Out?
What star wars character toy did Shawn 'rescue' in season 6?
What's the name of the camp that Shawn and Gus re visit and solve a crime?
What horror movie spin off was the episode Heeere's Lassie based on?
In Psych The Musical, what play was the episode centered about?
What is the name of the compulsive liar in the episode Truer Lies?
What did Shawn name the dinosaur that he and Gus found?
What popular daytime serial did Corbin Bernsen (Henry) star in?
In which episode did Henry get shot?
What year did Psych first air?

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