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Charmander Icon (Frame 1), Split by DraxxorT using apngdis.exe from the animated sprite.Charmeleon Icon (Animated), From the Bulbapedia archives.Charizard Icon (Animated), From the Bulbapedia archives.Squirtle Icon (Frame 2), Split by DraxxorT using apngdis.exe from the animated sprite.Wartortle Icon (Animated), From the Bulbapedia archives.Blastoise Icon (Frame 2), Split by DraxxorT using apngdis.exe from the animated sprite.Caterpie Icon (Animated), From the Bulbapedia archives.Metapod Icon (Animated), From the Bulbapedia archives.Butterfree Icon (Animated), From the Bulbapedia archives.Weedle Icon (Animated), From the Bulbapedia archives.Kakuna Icon (Animated), From the Bulbapedia archives.Beedrill Icon (Animated), From the Bulbapedia archives.Pidgey Icon (Animated), From the Bulbapedia archives.Pidgeotto Icon (Animated)Pidgeot Icon (Frame 2), Split by DraxxorT using apngdis.exe from the animated sprite.Rattata IconRaticate IconSpearow IconFearow IconEkans IconArbok IconPikachu IconRaichu IconSandshrew IconSandslash IconNidoran  ♀ IconNidorina IconNidoqueen IconNidoranNidorino IconNidokingClefairy IconClefable IconVulpix IconNinetales IconJigglypuff IconWigglytuff IconZubat IconGolbat IconOddish IconGloom IconVileplume IconParas IconParasect IconVenonat IconVenomoth IconDiglett IconDugtrio IconMeowth IconPersian IconPsyduck IconGolduck IconMankey Icon (Animated)Primeape IconGrowlithe IconArcanine IconPoliwag IconPoliwhirl IconPoliwrath IconAbra IconKadabra IconAlakazam IconMachoke IconMachamp IconBellsprout IconWeepinbell IconVictreebel IconTentacool IconTentacruel IconGeodude IconGraveller IconGolem IconPonyta IconRapidash IconSlowpoke IconSlowbro IconMagnemite IconMagneton IconFarfetch'd IconDoduo IconDodrio IconSeel IconDewgong Icon (Animated)Grimer IconMuk IconShellder IconCloyster IconGastly IconHaunter IconGengar Icon (Animated)Onix IconDrowzee IconHypno IconKrabby IconKingler IconVoltorb IconElectrode IconExeggcute IconExeggutor IconCubone IconMarowak IconHitmonlee IconHitmonchan IconLickitung IconKoffing IconWeezing IconRhyhorn IconRhydon IconChansey IconTangela IconKangaskhan IconHorsea IconSeadra IconGoldeen Icon (Animated)Seaking IconStaryu Icon (AnimatedStarmie Icon (Animated)Mr. Mime Icon (Animated)Scyther Icon (Animated)Jynx IconElectabuzz IconMagmar IconPinsir IconTauros IconMagikarp IconGyarados IconLapras IconDitto IconEevee IconVaporeon IconJolteon Icon (Animated)Flareon IconPorygon IconOmanyte IconOmastar IconKabuto IconKabuto IconAerodactyl IconSnorlax Icon (Animated)Articuno IconZapdos Icon (Animated)Moltres IconDratini IconDragonair Icon (Animated)Dragonite IconMewtwo IconMew Icon
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