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With each new generation of Pokemon, there are always some new additions of pokemon that we know to expect (three new starters, a Pikachu look-a-like, another legendary trio). Can you name the pokemon who fulfilled these roles for each generation?

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Grass Starters
(Gen I) Seed Pokemon 
(Gen II) Leaf Pokemon 
(Gen III) Wood Gecko Pokemon 
(Gen IV) Tiny Leaf Pokemon 
(Gen V) Grass Snake Pokemon 
(Gen VI) Snipy Nut Pokemon 
Water Starters
(Gen I) Tiny Turtle Pokemon 
(Gen II) Big Jaw Pokemon 
(Gen III) Mud Fish Pokemon 
(Gen IV) Penguin Pokemon 
(Gen V) Sea Otter Pokemon 
(Gen VI) Bubble Frog Pokemon 
Fire Starters
(Gen I) Lizard Pokemon 
(Gen II) Fire Mouse Pokemon 
(Gen III) Chick Pokemon 
(Gen IV) Chimp Pokemon 
(Gen V) Fire Pig Pokemon 
(Gen VI) Fox Pokemon 
Pikachu Relatives
(Gen I) Mouse Pokemon 
(Gen II) Tiny Mouse Pokemon 
(Gen III) Cheering Pokemon 
(Gen IV) EleSquirrel Pokemon 
(Gen V) Sky Squirrel Pokemon 
(Gen VI) Antenna Pokemon 
Main Legendaries
(Gen I) The DNA Duo 
(Gen II) The Tower Duo 
(Gen III) The Weather Trio 
(Gen IV) The Creation Trio 
(Gen V) The Tao Trio 
(Gen VI) The Mortality Duo 
Mythical Pokemon
(Gen I) New Species Pokemon 
(Gen II) Time Travel Pokemon 
(Gen III) Wish Pokemon 
(Gen IV) Seafaring Pokemon 
(Gen V) Victory Pokemon 
(Gen VI) Jewel Pokemon 
Legendary Trios
(Gen I) The Legendary Birds 
(Gen II) The Legendary Beasts 
(Gen III) The Golem Trio 
(Gen IV) The Lake Guardians 
(Gen V) The Forces of Nature 
(Gen V) The Swords of Justice 
Native Birds
(Gen I) Tiny Bird Pokemon 
(Gen II) Owl Pokemon 
(Gen III) Tiny Swallow Pokemon 
(Gen IV) Starling Pokemon 
(Gen V) Tiny Pigeon Pokemon 
(Gen VI) Tiny Robin Pokemon 
Native Pests
(Gen I) Mouse Pokemon 
(Gen II) Scout Pokemon 
(Gen III) Tiny Raccoon Pokemon 
(Gen IV) Plump Mouse Pokemon 
(Gen V) Scout Pokemon 
(Gen VI) Digging Pokemon 
Native Insects
(Gen I) Worm / Hairy Bug Pokemon 
(Gen II) Five Star / String Spit Pokemon 
(Gen III) Worm Pokemon 
(Gen IV) Moth / Cricket Pokemon 
(Gen V) Sewing / Centipede Pokemon 
(Gen VI) Scatterdust Pokemon 
Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon
(Gen I) Dragon Pokemon 
(Gen II) Armor Pokemon 
(Gen III) Dragon / Iron Leg Pokemon 
(Gen IV) Mach Pokemon 
(Gen V) Brutal Pokemon 
(Gen VI) Dragon Pokemon 
Fossil Pokemon
(Gen I) Shellfish / Spiral Pokemon 
(Gen I) Fossil Pokemon 
(Gen III) Old Shrimp / Sea Lily Pokemon 
(Gen IV) Head Butt / Shield Pokemon 
(Gen V) Prototurtle / First Bird Pokemon 
(Gen VI) Royal Heir / Tundra Pokemon 
Native Cat
(Gen I) Scratch Cat Pokemon 
(Gen III) Kitten Pokemon 
(Gen IV) Catty / Flash Pokemon 
(Gen V) Devious Pokemon 
(Gen VI) Lion Cub Pokemon 
(Gen VI) Restraint Pokemon 
Native Dog
(Gen I) Puppy Pokemon 
(Gen II) Fairy / Dark Pokemon 
(Gen III) Lightning / Bite Pokemon 
(Gen IV) Emanation Pokemon 
(Gen V) Puppy Pokemon 
(Gen VI) Poodle Pokemon 
Road Block Pokemon
(Gen I) Sleeping Pokemon 
(Gen II) Imitation Pokemon 
(Gen III) Color Swap Pokemon 
(Gen IV) Illusion Fox / Duck Pokemon 
(Gen V) Stone Home Pokemon 
(Gen VI) Sleeping / Iron Ant Pokemon 

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