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A pulse emitting neutron star?
Scientist who first theorised that the Sun was at the center of our Solar System?
Most likely evolution of a star 3x the mass of our Sun?
A cluster of middle aged hot B-class stars?
French scientist who noted a collection of astronomical objects?
Hottest class of star?
The gap between Starun's A and B ring?
The average temperature of Cosmic Background Radiation?
Currently the darkest exoplanet?
The edge of our solar system?
The Earth's main defence aginst charged solar winds?
From Earth, Mars appears to double back on itself, this is known as a _____ orbit?
Likey to be the last active stars in the universe due to their size and fuel 'efficiency'?
We are currently in the age of 'Starlight' otherwise known as the _____ era?
Smoothest moon in the solar system, suggesting geological activity?
The discovery that the expansion of the universe is accelerating has been put down to what?
String theory and M-theory loosely hypothesise that the universe is made up of what?
One astronomical unit is roughly how far?
In diameter what is the largest mare on the Moon?
By coincidence the Moon is 400x smaller that our Sun, but 400x closer. What phenomena does this account for?

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