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Can you name the Waterloo: British and Dutch?

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Commander of the Anglo-Dutch army
He defended Quatre Bras until reinforcements arrivedKnown as 'Slender Billy'.
Welsh officer that led a bayonet charge that repulsed the advance of D'Erlon.A knight, he also was the commander of the 5th division.
___ was the commander of the Anglo-Allied cavalry forces.
Cavalry brigade sent by the man aboveCommanded by Edward Somerset; It was composed of various regiments of guards.
2 Regiments that were part of the brigade above
HintAnswerExtra info
Cavalry brigade(Dragoons) sent by the man aboveCommanded by William Ponsonby, composed of Scottish, Irish and English troops.
English regiment part of the brigade above.Also known as 'The Royals'.
Scottish regiment part of the brigade aboveCaptured an eagle.
Irish regiment part of the brigade aboveKnown as 'Skins'.
British unit composed of german soldiers.KGL
Commander of the Coldstream Foot GuardsThe Coldstream and Scots Guards defended Hougoumont from Napoleon's brother.

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