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Commander of the French Army
He was exiled to this island, but soon returned
He went from battle to battle and only participated in the end, angering NapoleonCommander of the I French Corps.
French Marshal in the Battle of Quatre Bras; Later in battle commanded 12 cavalry charges against the british. Commander of the II French Corps.
Commanded the cavalry reserve in LignyLater, pursued the Prussians to the Battle in Wavre.
In charge of the attack on HougoumontHe commanded the 6th division, and was Napoléon's brother.
He momentarily conquered Quatre Bras, before fleeing wounded and without his horseCommander of the III Cavalry Corps.
HintAnswerExtra info
His charge broke the Prussian center in Ligny, forcing their retreatCommander of the IV Cavalry Corps.
A section of the Imperial Guard that attacked the british when all seemed lost. They were outnumbered and retreated.
Another section of the Imperial Guard that was sent to retrieve Plancenoit from the PrussiansThey were essentialy skirmishers, but could fight in square or line like any battalion.
The greatest section of the imperial guard. They were veterans and were considered the best soldiers in Europe.Known as the 'Immortals'
The fortified position conquered by the french near the end of the battleIt was defended by the King's German Legion
Famous for his phrase 'The guard dies and does not surrender' or 'Merde' Major of the Imperial Guard
Island he was exiled to after Waterloo

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