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Can you name the Aussie Prime Ministers - by Anagram !?

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AnagramNameA clue if you need it ...
Highly LubesFavoured conscription in WWI
Dead FainterLong time Treasurer, Country Party man
Hold HarlotDied in office.
Whim Moll ManiacHis son is now a TV star in the USA
Shown RacistFirst Labour PM in the world
Formals CalmerThe Prefect
Lose John SpyOnly Tasmanian to be PM
Jam On WenchBlack Jack
Kaput GenialLoves those Italian suits !
Urban OddmentNickname was 'Tosspot Toby' !
Vied DrunkFrom Qld, loves those big words .....
Cleanest RubyMiddle name was early Aust capital city
Gulag Whom Hit'Crash Through or Crash'!
AnagramNameA clue if you need it ...
Wharfs DenierPM 3 times
Joint ChumLead the country in most of WWII
Jaw Doh HornGive Costello a go !
Dandier FlakeVictorian, believed in Protectionism.
Leap Agree'The Doctor', Country Party man
Jasmine CullsBad timing to be PM during the depression
Not Jog HornFighter Pilot in WWII
Go GreedierNSW, Free Trader
Kebab WhoAlso led the ACTU at one time
Tribesmen ZeroLongest serving PM in Aust history
Drank OfferPM for only 7 days !
Pooch JokesNSW, PM for only 3 months
Byline ChefNSW, ex train driver

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