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Name the Tower of Isengard.
Name the Wizard that Lives in Isengard.
Name Saruman's servant.
Name Wormtoungue's Killer. (in the movie)
Name Legolas' Father
Legolas's Father is of what race?
What famous forest is inhabited by elves and just east of the east gate of Moria?
Lorien is led by what elf(s) during the third age?
Galadriel gives three strands of her hair to who?
Gimli's father is. . .
Gloin is of what race?
The dwarves primarily live in the ______ hills?
Bilbo gives Frodo a vest at the beginning of the Fellowship of the Ring made of what fictional metal?
Frodo possesses what important object?
The ring was made by who?
Sauron made the ring in what volcano?
Mount Doom is in what black land?
What country is directly west of Mordor?
What is Gondor's capital?

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