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QUIZ: Can you name the Formula One teams from the clue?

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Took over the remains of Coloni and raced in 1992.
Very unsuccessful team which built it's own W12 engine.
Officially entered as Motor Racing Developments.
Small team based in Gonfaron.
Anglo-American team which built it's car behind the Seven Stars pub in London.
Dominated the first world championship.
Raced a Shadow then Lolas before building their own car.
Only Japanese team to win a Grand Prix.
Started by the Maserati brothers after leaving Maserati.
Built both V16 and H16 engines.
First to run an F1 turbo.
80's German team which ran their own turbo engine.
First British team to win a world championship Grand Prix.
Handed their cars over to Ferrari in 1955.
Ran a De Tomaso in 1970, later built their own cars.
Renamed Leyton House during the 90's.

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