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Colonial retreat that toke place in April 19th 1775 that was the first battle of the war.
Seige that took place from April 19th 1775 to March 19th 1776
Battle that took place May 10th 1775 and lead to the americans capturing this fort so they could get supplies.
Battle that took place June 16th 1775 that was a loss for the Americans but gave them a boost of confidence.
Battle that took place December 31st 1775 that was a heavy loss on the Americans.
Battle that took place June 28th 1776 and was an unsuccesful first attempt to capture the city of Charleston.
Battle that took place August 27th 1776 that gave control of the Port of New York to the British.
Battle that took place November 16th 1776 that lost the the Americans 3000 lives.
Battle that took place December 26th 1776 in this battle the german army was defeated by General Washington
Battle that took place January 3rd 1777 that lost the british control over New Jersey and had them retreat to New York
Battle InformationAnswer
Battle that took place September 11th 1777 that was 11 hours of fighting, the longest of the war.
Battle that took place October 17th 1777 and was called the turning point of the war after the Americans won.
Battle that took place June 28th 1778 and where Molly Oitcher was given her name for taking water to soldiers and taking over her collapsed husbands canon.
Battle that took place December 29th 1778and it was the first battle to push towards the south and when the british won they took control of the city the battle was named after.
Siege that took place March 29th-May 12 1780 that was a major british victory
Battle that took place October 17th 1780 and was the battle that destroyed 1st Marquees Cornwallis's left wingof the army
Battle that took place January 17th 1781 this battle was the 1st American victory in the south that made Britain retreat
Battle that took place March 15th 1781 after the british won thia battle they still had to give up the Carolinas.
Battle took place September 8th 1781 this battle was one of the bloodiest battles and ended in a partial win for the Americans which lead to them having almost all control of south
Battle that took place October 9th 1781 this was the winning battle for the American side. This battle gave them independence.

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