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Can you guess the anime based on extremely poor descriptions?

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Virgin chooses the most painful way possible to dye his hair
Uses his power of invisibility not to save the world, but to win games of middle school basketball
Apoplectic virgin avenges his mother's back injury by constantly fighting strangers while naked
Defeats super-powered aliens by dyeing his hair
Overthrew an all-powerful crazed warlord by touching his forehead while shirtless
Gains the ability to make every masturbation session feel like a handjob
Defeats enemies by mentally stripping off their clothes with his advanced cooking abilities
Saves humanity through sheer testosterone
Becomes a literal god by being the most whipped character in all of anime
Angry lesbian saves the world from evil clothing through the power of fan service and friendship
Crazed genius dies after everything does not go just according to keikaku
Chemistry expert hates milk and saves the world
Man tries to save his friends and **** up spectacularly
Space lesbian becomes a god
14 year old lives every virgin's dream by using his gaming abilities to get girls and become a hero
Man takes 26 episodes to admit people die when they are killed
Man attempts to cure his color blindness by slaughtering hundreds and toppling the government
Ninja tries to become omniscient by turning into a snake and beating up children
Uses insanely high animation quality to distract you from the fact that it was originally an eroge
Emo teenager saves everything by ruining everything

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