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Can you name* the films released between 1970 and 1979 from Jonathan Rosenbaum's alternative canon in Essential Cinema?

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Director/YearTitle24fps Rating
Stan Brakhage/1967-70not seen
David Lynch/1970***1/2
Robert Kramer/1970***1/2
Jean-Michel Barjol, Jean Eustache/1970not seen
Satyajit Ray/1970not seen
François Truffaut/1970*****
Donald Cammell, Nicolas Roeg/1970****1/2
Jean Renoir/1970not seen
Billy Wilder/1970***
Bernardo Bertolucci/1970not seen
Luis Buñuel/1970****1/2
Michael Wadleigh/1970***1/2
Barbara Loden/1970*****
Michelangelo Antonioni/1970****
Stan Brakhage/1971****1/2
Robert Bresson/1971not seen
Pere Portabella/1971****1/2
Werner Herzog/1971***
Nelson Pereira dos Santos/1971*****
Robert Altman/1971*****
Elaine May/1971****
Hollis Frampton/1971****
Jacques Rivette/1971****
Jean Rouch/1971***1/2
Michael Snow/1971not seen
Jacques Tati/1971***
Monte Hellman/1971*****
Nicolas Roeg/1971***1/2
Dusan Makavejev/1971***1/2
Werner Herzog/1972***1/2
Billy Wilder/1972***
Marguerite Duras/1972***1/2
Luis Buñuel/1972***1/2
John Huston/1972***
Werner Schroeter/1972not seen
Federico Fellini/1972*****
Roman Polanski/1972not seen
Elaine May/1972***
Miklós Jancsó/1972not seen
Jonas Mekas/1972not seen
Carmelo Bene/1972not seen
Bernardo Bertolucci/1972***1/2
Andrei Tarkovsky/1972*****
Djibril Diop Mamberty/1973**1/2
Alexander Kluge/1973not seen
James B. Harris/1973not seen
Terrence Malick/1973****
Orson Welles/1973*****
Robert Altman/1973***
Parviz Kimiavi/1973not seen
Jean Eustache/1973*****
Shinsuke Ogawa/1973not seen
Jacques Tati/1974**1/2
Peter Watkins/1974****1/2
Jacques Rivette/1974****
Rainer Werner Fassbinder/1974*****
Luis Buñuel/1974***1/2
Wim Wenders/1974****1/2
Sam Peckinpah/1974****
Jacques Rivette/1974not seen
Monte Hellman/1974not seen
Francis Ford Coppola/1974****
Maurice Pialat/1974not seen
Robert Bresson/1974****
Ritwik Ghatak/1974not seen
Alain Resnais/1974not seen
Abbas Kiarostami/1974****1/2
John Cassavetes/1974***
Stanley Kubrick/1975****1/2
Thom Andersen/1975*****
Marguerite Duras/1975not seen
Manoel de Oliveira/1975not seen
Chantal Akerman/1975*****
Richard Fleischer/1975****1/2
Arthur Penn/1975**1/2
Jean-Luc Godard/1975not seen
George Landow/1975not seen
Michelangelo Antonioni/1975****
Abbas Kiarostami/1975***1/2
Frederick Wiseman/1975not seen
Michael Snow/1976not seen
Luc Moullet, Antonietta Pizzorno/1976****1/2
John Cassavetes/1976****1/2
Elaine May/1976****1/2
Alfred Hitchcock/1976**1/2
Jean-Luc Godard/1976****
Luchino Visconti/1976****
Nagisa Oshima/1976**1/2
Brian De Palma/1976**1/2
Woody Allen/1977***1/2
Marguerite Duras/1977not seen
Jonathan Demme/1977not seen
Raul Ruiz/1977***
James Benning/1977not seen
Robert Bresson/1977not seen
David Lynch/1977*****
Hans-Jürgen Syberberg/1977***1/2
Jon Jost/1977not seen
Jean-Luc Godard/1977not seen
James Benning/1977****1/2
Larry Clark/1977not seen
Alain Resnais/1977not seen
Luis Buñuel/1977****
Bruce Connor/1977***1/2
Eric Rohmer/1978****1/2
François Truffaut/1978not seen
Gus Van Sant/1978***1/2
Orson Welles/1978not seen
Manuel De Landa/1978not seen
Charles Burnett/1978****1/2
Robert Breer/1978not seen
George A. Romero/1978***
Bruce Connor/1978***1/2
Chantal Akerman/1978***
Mark Rappaport/1978**
Bob Fosse/1979**1/2
Francis Ford Coppola/1979***1/2
Russ Meyer/1979**
Steven Spielberg/1979***
Albert Brooks/1979****
Jeff Margolis/1979***1/2
Luc Moullet/1979****
Manoel de Oliveira/1979not seen
Andrei Tarkovsky/1979****
Ulrike Ottinger/1979not seen
Jean-Marie Straub, Danièle Huillet/1979not seen
John Huston/1979**
Eduardo de Gregorio/1979not seen
Andrew Noren/1979not seen

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