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Can you name* the films released between 1960 and 1969 from Jonathan Rosenbaum's alternative canon in Essential Cinema?

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Director/YearTitle24fps Rating
Jean Cocteau/1960****1/2
Jean-Luc Godard/1960****1/2
Michael Powell/1960****1/2
René Clement/1960****1/2
Michelangelo Antonioni/1960*****
Jerry Lewis/1960***
Vincente Minnelli/1960****1/2
Claude Chabrol/1960**1/2
Ritwik Ghatak/1960not seen
Satyajit Ray/1960****1/2
Richard Brooks/1960***
Yasuzo Masumura/1960not seen
George Cukor/1960**1/2
Alfred Hitchcock/1960*****
Nicholas Ray/1960****
Stanley Kubrick/1960****1/2
Fritz Lang/1960****1/2
François Truffaut/1960*****
Elia Kazan/1960***1/2
Luis Buñuel/1960****1/2
Louis Malle/1960****1/2
Pier Paolo Pasolini/1961****
Edgar Morin, Jean Rouch/1961****
Kent Mackenzie/1961*****
Robert Rossen/1961*****
Roger Leenhardt/1961not seen
John Cassavetes/1961***
Jerry Lewis/1961***
Alain Resnais/1961*****
Jacques Demy/1961***
Jacques Rivette/1961****1/2
Luis Buñuel/1961*****
Yasuzo Masumura/1961not seen
Michelangelo Antonioni/1962*****
Jacques Rozier/1962****1/2
Albert Zugsmith/1962****
Agnès Varda/1962*****
Luis Buñuel/1962*****
Orson Welles/1962****
Forough Farrokhzad/1962***
Chris Marker/1962****
John Frankenheimer/1962*****
John Ford/1962***
Věra Chytilová/1963****
Jean-Luc Godard/1963****1/2
Federico Fellini/1963*****
Kon Ichikawa/1963****
Luchino Visconti/1963*****
Jean-Daniel Pollet, Volker Schlöndorff/1963not seen
Alain Resnais/1963*****
Jerry Lewis/1963***1/2
Pier Paolo Pasolini/1963*****
Samuel Fuller/1963****
Jean-Luc Godard/1964****
Peter Watkins/1964****1/2
Bernardo Bertolucci/1964not seen
Glauber Rocha/1964not seen
Frank Tashlin/1964**1/2
Carl Theodor Dreyer/1964****
Yuliya Solntseva/1964not seen
Richard Lester/1964***
Mikhail Kalatozov/1964*****
Jean-Luc Godard/1964****1/2
Noël Burch/1964not seen
François Truffaut/1964****1/2
Emile de Antonio/1964****
Michelangelo Antonioni/1964*****
Ebrahim Golestan/1964not seen
Cy Endfield/1964****
Jean-Marie Straub, Danièle Huillet/1965not seen
Sergei Parajanov/1965*****
Peter Watkins/1965*****
Jean-Luc Godard/1965****1/2
Howard Hawks/1965***1/2
Andy Warhol/1965not seen
Andrei Tarkovsky/1966****1/2
Woody Allen/1966***
Jean-Daniel Pollet/1966not seen
Roberto Rossellini/1966****
Robert Bresson/1966****
Ousmane Sembene/1966***
Věra Chytilová/1966*****
Monte Hellman/1966**1/2
Pier Paolo Pasolini/1966****1/2
George Axelrod/1966****
Jean-Luc Godard/1966****
Jean-Luc Godard/1966****
Ingmar Bergman/1966****
Yasuzo Masumura/1966****1/2
Jean-Luc Godard/1967****1/2
Pier Paolo Pasolini/1967***
Bruce Conner/1967****
Jean-Luc Godard/1967not seen
Luis Buñuel/1967****
Arthur Penn/1967*****
Marco Bellocchio/1967not seen
Jean-Luc Godard/1967****1/2
Jim McBride/1967*****
Dusan Makavejev/1967***
Robert Bresson/1967****1/2
Jacques Tati/1967*****
John Boorman/1967*****
Peter Watkins/1967****
Miklós Jancsó/1967****
Michael Snow/1967not seen
Jean-Luc Godard/1967*****
Jacques Demy/1967*****
Jean-Marie Straub, Danièle Huillet/1968not seen
Nagisa Oshima/1968***
John Cassavetes/1968*****
Alain Resnais/1968not seen
Blake Edwards/1968****1/2
Jackie Raynal/1968***
Richard Lester/1968**1/2
Michael Roemer/1968****
Roman Polanski/1968*****
Sergei Parajanov/1969****
Joris Ivens, Marceline Loridan/1968not seen
François Truffaut/1968****1/2
Peter Bogdanovich/1968*****
Pier Paolo Pasolini/1968**1/2
Stanley Kubrick/1968*****
Jacques Rivette/1969not seen
Michael Snow/1969not seen
Richard Lester/1969**1/2
Claude Chabrol/1969**1/2
Andy Warhol/1969not seen
Rainer Werner Fassbinder/1969***
Eric Rohmer/1969*****
William Klein/1969***
Budd Boetticher/1969not seen
Nagisa Oshima/1969***
Ken Jacobs/1969not seen
Sam Peckinpah/1969***1/2
Leonard Kastle/1969*****

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