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Can you name* the films released between 1950 and 1959 from Jonathan Rosenbaum's alternative canon in Essential Cinema?

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Director/YearTitle24fps Rating
Roberto Rossellini/1950****1/2
Jean-Pierre Melville/1950***
Joseph L. Mankiewicz/1950*****
George Sidney/1950**1/2
Clyde Geronimi, Hamilton Luske, Wilfred Jackson/1950not seen
Joseph H. Lewis/1950*****
Vincente Minnelli/1950***
Jacques Tourneur/1950***
Henry King/1950***
Nicholas Ray/1950****
Luis Buñuel/1950*****
Jean Cocteau/1950****1/2
Elia Kazan/1950***1/2
Cy Endfield/1950****1/2
Jacques Tourneur/1950****1/2
Billy Wilder/1950*****
John Ford/1950***
Billy Wilder/1951*****
Clyde Geronimi, Hamilton Luske, Wilfred Jackson/1951***
Luchino Visconti/1951not seen
Robert Wise/1951****1/2
Georges Franju/1952***
Albert Lewin/1951****1/2
Stanley Donen, Gene Kelly/1951*****
Samuel Fuller/1951**1/2
Elia Kazan/1951*****
Anthony Mann/1951***
Leo Popkin, Russell Rouse/1951****1/2
Isidore Isou/1951not seen
Federico Fellini/1951****1/2
Otto Preminger/1952****1/2
Vincente Minnelli/1952****1/2
Howard Hawks/1952****1/2
Fritz Lang/1952****
Roberto Rossellini/1952***
Akira Kurosawa/1952**1/2
Kenji Mizoguchi/1952*****
Vittorio De Sica/1952****1/2
Charles Chaplin/1952***
Nicholas Ray/1952*****
Max Ophüls/1952*****
Howard Hawks/1952***1/2
Leo McCarey/1952***
Richard Fleischer/1952***
Orson Welles/1952not seen
Samuel Fuller/1952****1/2
Frank Tashlin/1952**1/2
Alain Resnais/1953***1/2
Vincente Minnelli/1953***
Fritz Lang/1953****
Charles Walters/1953****
Chuck Jones/1953***1/2
Roy Rowland/1953***
Howard Hawks/1953****
Josef von Sternberg/1953***1/2
Jean Renoir/1953*****
Don Weis/1953****
George Sidney/1953****
Jacques Tati/1953***
Anthony Mann/1953****
Phil Karlson/1953****1/2
Samuel Fuller/1953*****
Vincente Minnelli, Gottfried Reinhardt/1953****1/2
Ingmar Bergman/1953***1/2
John Ford/1953****1/2
Yasujirō Ozu/1953****1/2
Michelangelo Antonioni/1953****1/2
Kenji Mizoguchi/1953****1/2
Don Weis/1954not seen
Joseph L. Mankiewicz/1954***
Kenji Mizoguchi/1954****1/2
Robert Wise/1954***
Nicholas Ray/1954****
Alfred Hitchcock/1954*****
Otto Preminger/1954***1/2
Kenji Mizoguchi/1954****1/2
Kenneth Anger/1954****
Luchino Visconti/1954****1/2
Alan Dwan/1954***
George Cukor/1954****1/2
Herbert Biberman/1954****1/2
William Wellman/1954****1/2
Henri-Georges Clouzot/1954*****
Frank Tashlin/1955***
John Sturges/1955***1/2
Vincente Minnelli/1955****
Elia Kazan/1955****
Robert Aldrich/1955****1/2
Howard Hawks/1955****
Max Ophüls/1955****1/2
John Ford/1955***
Otto Preminger/1955***
Fritz Lang/1955****1/2
Orson Welles/1955****
Joseph L. Mankiewicz/1955***
Charles Laughton/1955*****
Alain Resnais/1955****
Carl Theodor Dreyer/1955*****
Jean Rouch/1955***1/2
Phil Karlson/1955****
Nicholas Ray/1955****
Kenji Mizoguchi/1955not seen
Alfred Hitchcock/1955****1/2
Jacques Tourneur/1955****
George Sidney/1956****1/2
Satyajit Ray/1956****1/2
Elia Kazan/1956****1/2
George Cukor/1956****
Nicholas Ray/1956*****
Jean Renoir/1956***
Fred M. Wilcox/1956*****
Orson Welles/1956not seen
Frank Tashlin/1956****1/2
Don Siegel/1956*****
Stanley Kubrick/1956*****
Robert Bresson/1956*****
John Ford/1956***1/2
Alain Resnais/1956****
Fritz Lang/1956***
Leo McCarey/1957***
Nicholas Ray/1957****
Leopoldo Torre Nilsson/1957not seen
Samuel Fuller/1957**1/2
Charles Chaplin/1957**1/2
Yasuzo Masumura/1957not seen
Stanley Kubrick/1957****1/2
Samuel Fuller/1957***1/2
Alexander Mackendrick/1957*****
Sidney Lumet/1957****
Frank Tashlin/1957**1/2
Alfred Hitchcock/1957****1/2
Ritwik Ghatak/1958not seen
Andrzej Wajda/1958****1/2
Alain Resnais/1958****1/2
Jacques Tourneur/1957****
Vincente Minnelli/1958**
Roberto Rossellini/1959****1/2
Anthony Mann/1958****1/2
François Truffaut/1957***
Jacques Tati/1958***
Irving Lerner/1958**1/2
Nicholas Ray/1958****1/2
Frank Tashlin/1958**
Marcel Hanoun/1959not seen
Douglas Sirk/1957****
Douglas Sirk/1958****1/2
Orson Welles/1958*****
Alfred Hitchcock/1958*****
Nicholas Ray/1958***1/2
Otto Preminger/1959*****
François Truffaut/1959*****
Yasujirō Ozu/1959**1/2
Alain Resnais/1959***
Ingmar Bergman/1958****1/2
Luis Buñuel/1959****
Alfred Hitchcock/1959*****
Robert Bresson/1959****1/2
Howard Hawks/1959****1/2
Fritz Lang/1959****1/2
Fritz Lang/1959****1/2
John Cassavetes/1959***

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