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Can you name* the films released between 1940 and 1949 from Jonathan Rosenbaum's alternative canon in Essential Cinema?

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Director/YearTitle24fps Rating
Preston Sturges/1940***1/2
Alfred Hitchcock/1940*****
John Ford/1940*****
Charles Chaplin/1940****1/2
John Ford/1940****
Ben Sharpsteen, Hamilton Luske/1940*****
Alfred Hitchcock/1940****1/2
Ernst Lubitsch/1940*****
Michael Powell, Ludwig Berger, Tim Whelan/1940*****
William Dieterle/1941*****
Yasujirō Ozu/1941****
Orson Welles/1941*****
Ben Sharpsteen/1941****1/2
H.C. Potter/1941***
John Huston/1941*****
Fritz Lang/1941****
Raoul Walsh/1941****1/2
Alfred Hitchcock/1941***1/2
Kenji Mizoguchi/1941-42****
Jacques Tourneur/1942***1/2
Orson Welles/1942****1/2
Preston Sturges/1942*****
Carl Theodor Dreyer/1943****1/2
Tex Avery/1943**1/2
Ernst Lubitsch/1943***1/2
Jacques Tourneur/1943*****
Jacques Tourneur/1943***1/2
Tex Avery/1943****
Mark Robson/1943****
Jean Renoir/1943****1/2
Tex Avery/1943***
Maya Deren/1944***
Jean Grémillon/1944****1/2
Billy Wilder/1944*****
Gjon Mili/1944***1/2
Otto Preminger/1944****1/2
Vincente Minnelli/1944*****
Tex Avery/1944***
Howard Hawks/1944****
Norman Ferguson/1944****1/2
Edgar Neville/1944not seen
William Castle/1944***
Sergei Eisenstein/1944, 1958****1/2
Fritz Lang/1945****1/2
André Malraux, Boris Peskine/1945not seen
Vincente Minnelli/1945****1/2
David Lean/1945****
Marcel Carné/1945*****
Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger/1945****
Robert Bresson/1945***1/2
King Vidor/1946****
Jean Cocteau/1946****1/2
William Wyler/1946****1/2
Kenji Mizoguchi/1946***1/2
John Berry/1946****1/2
Charles Vidor/1946****
Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger/1946****1/2
John Ford/1946****
Alfred Hitchcock/1946****1/2
Vittorio De Sica/1946***
Roberto Rossellini/1946***1/2
Raoul Walsh/1947****
Delmer Daves/1947****1/2
Tex Avery/1947***
Charles Chaplin/1947*****
Oskar Fischinger/1947not seen
Carol Reed/1947****
Jacques Tourneur/1947****1/2
Henri-Georges Clouzot/1947****1/2
Orson Welles/1947****
Jacques Tati/1947**1/2
Jean Renoir/1947****
Cy Endfield/1948****
Vittorio De Sica/1948****1/2
Roberto Rossellini/1948***1/2
Abraham Polonsky/1948****1/2
Leo McCarey/1948***
Yasujirō Ozu/1948****1/2
Max Ophüls/1948****
Frank Borzage/1948****1/2
Vincente Minnelli/1948**1/2
Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger/1948*****
Alfred Hitchcock/1948****1/2
Fei Mu/1948***
Luchino Visconti/1948*****
Nicholas Ray/1948****1/2
George Cukor/1949*****
Tex Avery/1949***
Norman McLaren/1949****
Georges Franju/1949***1/2
Clarence Brown/1949**1/2
Jacques Tati/1949**1/2
Yasujirō Ozu/1949*****
Tex Avery/1949***1/2
Max Ophüls/1949****1/2
Cecil B. DeMille/1949****
Jules Dassin/1949****1/2
Carol Reed/1949*****
Ted Tetzlaff/1949***1/2

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