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Can you name* the films released between 1895 and 1929 from Jonathan Rosenbaum's alternative canon in Essential Cinema?

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Director/YearTitle24fps Rating
Louis & Auguste Lumière/1895***
Louis & Auguste Lumière/1896***
Georges Méliès/1907****
D.W. Griffith/1909***
D.W. Griffith/1912***
Louis Feuillade/1913-14***1/2
Léonce Perret/1913****
D.W. Griffith/1914***
Yevgeni Bauer/1914***
Maurice Tourneur/1914***
Louis Feuillade/1915****
Charles Chaplin/1915**
D.W. Griffith/1916****1/2
Louis Feuillade/1916-17****
Charles Chaplin/1916**
Louis Feuillade/1918not seen
Louis Feuillade/1919not seen
D.W. Griffith/1919***1/2
Ernst Lubitsch/1919****1/2
D.W. Griffith/1919****1/2
Ernst Lubitsch/1919***
Robert Wiene/1920****
Maurice Tourneur, Clarence Brown/1920****1/2
Carl Theodor Dreyer/1920****1/2
Fritz Lang/1921****
Charles Chaplin/1921***
D.W. Griffith/1921****1/2
Buster Keaton, Edward Cline/1922****
Robert Flaherty/1922****
Fritz Lang/1922****1/2
Erich von Stroheim/1922****1/2
F.W. Murnau/1922*****
Germaine Dulac/1922***
Robert Wiene/1923not seen
James Cruze/1923***
Buster Keaton/1923***1/2
Fernand Léger, Dudley Murphy/1924***1/2
Erich von Stroheim/1924****1/2
Marcel L'Herbier/1924****
F.W. Murnau/1924***1/2
Carl Theodor Dreyer/1924****1/2
Fritz Lang/1924*****
René Clair/1924****
Herbert Brenon/1924*****
Buster Keaton/1924***1/2
Raoul Walsh/1924****1/2
Sergei Eisenstein/1925****1/2
King Vidor/1925***
Vsevolod Pudovkin, Nikolai Shpikovsky/1925***
Charles Chaplin/1925****1/2
Carl Theodor Dreyer/1925***1/2
Erich von Stroheim/1925***
Sergei Eisenstein/1925****1/2
Buster Keaton/1925****1/2
F.W. Murnau/1926****
Lev Kuleshov/1926**1/2
F.W. Murnau/1926*****
Howard Hawks/1926***
Robert Flaherty/1926****
Vsevolod Pudovkin/1926*****
Buster Keaton, Clyde Bruckman/1926****1/2
Teinosuke Kinugasa/1926not seen
Fritz Lang/1927*****
Jean Renoir/1927not seen
Jean Epstein/1927**1/2
F.W. Murnau/1927*****
Frank Borzage/1927***1/2
Alfred Hitchcock/1927**1/2
Clarence Badger/1927****1/2
Sergei Eisenstein/1928***
René Clair/1928***1/2
Marcel L'Herbier/1928not seen
Buster Keaton, Edward Sedgwick/1928****
Jean Epstein/1928****
King Vidor/1928***1/2
Josef von Sternberg/1928****1/2
Clyde Bruckman/1928not seen
Carl Theodor Dreyer/1928*****
Fritz Lang/1928*****
James Parrott/1928***1/2
Paul Fejös/1928****1/2
Jean Renoir/1928****
Erich von Stroheim/1929***
Luis Buñuel, Salvador Dalí/1929****1/2
Alexander Dovzhenko/1929***
Dudley Murphy/1929***
Alfred Hitchcock/1929****
Cecil B. DeMille/1929****1/2
Sergei Eisenstein/1929not seen
King Vidor/1929****
Ernst Lubitsch/1929****1/2
Dziga Vertov/1929****
Grigori Kozintsev, Leonid Trauberg/1929***1/2
Josef von Sternberg/1929not seen

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