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Can you name the horror films released before 1970 that are considered influential in Kim Newman and James Marriott's book Horror! 333 Films?

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Year/DirectorTitle24fps Rating
1920/Paul Wegener****1/2
1920/Robert Wiene****
1922/Benjamin Christiansen****
1922/F.W. Murnau****1/2
1925/Rupert Julian****
1927/Tod Browning****
1927/Paul Leni****
1928/Jean Epstein***1/2
1931/Fritz Lang*****
1931/Rouben Mamoulien****1/2
1931/Tod Browning***1/2
1931/James Whale****
1932/Tod Browning****
1932/Erle C. Kenton****1/2
1932/Irving Pichel, Ernest B. Schoedsack****1/2
1932/Karl Freund****1/2
1932/James Whale****1/2
1932/Carl Th. Dreyer***1/2
1932/Victor Halperin****
1933/James Whale*****
1933/Merian C. Cooper, Ernest B. Schoedsack*****
1933/Edward Sutherland***
1934/Edgar G. Ulmer****
1935/James Whale*****
1935/Karl Freund*****
1935/Louis Friedlander***1/2
1939/Rowland V. Lee****1/2
1941/George Waggner****
1942/Jacques Tourneur***1/2
1943/Jacques Tourneur*****
1943/Mark Robson****
1944/Lewis Allen****
1945/Robert Wise****1/2
1945/Alberto Cavalcanti, Charles Crichton, Basil Dearden, Robert Hamer***1/2
1946/Robert Florey***
1946/Frank Wisbar***
1951/Christian Nyby****1/2
1953/Andre de Toth****
1953/Kenji Mizoguchi****1/2
1954/Jack Arnold****
1955/Henri-Georges Clouzot****1/2
1956/Don Siegel*****
1957/Ricardo Freda***1/2
1957/Val Guest***1/2
1957/Terence Fisher****
1957/Jacques Tourneur***1/2
1957/Fernando Méndez***
1958/Terence Fisher***1/2
1958/Terence Fisher**1/2
1959/Roger Corman****1/2
1959/Terence Fisher****
1959/Gerry de Leon**1/2
Year/DirectorTitle24fps Rating
1959/William Castle****
1959/Nobuo Nakagawa****
1960/Georges Franju*****
1961/Terence Fisher****1/2
1960/Roger Corman***1/2
1960/Nobuo Nakagawa***1/2
1960/Mario Bava****1/2
1960/Giorgio Ferroni****
1960/Michael Powell****
1960/Alfred Hitchcock*****
1961/Jack Clayton****1/2
1962/Sidney Hayers****
1962/Herk Harvey***
1962/Luis Buñuel*****
1962/Jesús Franco**1/2
1962/Riccardo Freda****
1963/Alfred Hitchcock*****
1963/Herschell Gordon Lewis***
1963/Roger Corman***1/2
1963/Robert Wise***
1963/Mario Bava****1/2
1964/Terence Fisher***
1964/Antonio Margheriti***1/2
1964/Masaki Kobayashi****
1964/Roger Corman****
1964/Kaneto Shindô***1/2
1964/Mario Bava*****
1964/Roger Corman***
1965/Wojciech Has***
1965/Roman Polanski*****
1966/Terence Fisher****
1966/Mario Bava***1/2
1966/John Gilling***1/2
1966/John Gilling***
1966/John Frankenheimer***
1967/Jack Hill***
1967/Terence Fisher**1/2
1967/Roman Polanski****
1967/José Mojica Marinsnot seen
1967/Michael Reeves**1/2
1967/Konstantin Ershov, Georgi Kropachyov****1/2
1968/Federico Fellini, Louis Malle, Roger Vadim****
1968/Jesús Franco**
1968/Terence Fisher***
1968/Michael Reeves***
1968/George A. Romero*****
1968/Roman Polanski*****
1968/Ingmar Bergman****
1968/Kaneto Shindô****
1968/Jonathan Miller*****
1969/Teruo Ishii****

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