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Country with more recognizable military personnel?A. Russia or B. Germany
Country with more recognizable musicians?A. Austria or B. Canada
Country with more recognizable astronomers?A. United States or B. Italy
More recognizable person born after 1900?A. Walt Disney or B. George Orwell
More recognizable American?A. Elvis Presley or B. Thomas Edison
Which field had more recognizable figures?A. Actors or B. Soccer Players
More recognizable pirate?A. Blackbeard or B. Sir Francis Drake
More recognizable astronaut?A. Yuri Gargarin or B. Alan Shepard
More recognizable South African?A. Desmond Tutu or B. J.R.R Tolkien
Country with more recognizable fashion designers?A. United States or B. France
More recognizable philosopher? A. Socrates or B. Aristotle
More recognizable author?A. Homer or B. William Shakespeare
Country with the most recognizable people?A. United States or B. Russia
More recognizable Australian?A. Rupert Murdoch or B. Steve Irwin
City with more recognizable people?A. Chicago or B. Vienna
Chinese city with the most recognizable people?A. Beijing or B. Shanghai
More recognizable Colombian?A. Shakira or B. Pablo Escobar
City with more recognizable sports figures?A. New York City or B. Buenos Aires
More recognizable person?A. Socrates or B. Leonardo da Vinci
European city with the more recognizable people?A. Rome or B. Paris

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