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E) What's my middle name
E) What's my fathers name
E) What is my date of birth (dd mm yyyy)
E) How old was I when i got my licence
E) What make and model is my car
E) What do my tattoos say
E) Whats my favourite number
E) What high school did I attend
E) Where is the university I attend
E) Which one of my titties is bigger
E) When I go out, what is my drink of choice
M) I first went to Michaels house for a...
M) Name a job i've had besides Hungry Jacks and Toyworld
M) Upon offending me, what food item did I hurl at the men behind the counter?
M) Name one game I used to play on PS1
M) In school, what swimming stroke was I dominant in
M) Name one of my 5 Aunties or Uncles
M) Name on my favourite movies of 2014
M) Who is the only person I have only beaten at a game of H.O.R.S.E
M) Where does my nan live
M) I have been biten by two animals, A Dog and a _____
M) What stones do i have in my two pandora rings
M) Name one street I have lived in prior to my Gypsy Ct
M) Name the course I am currently undertaking (Full title)
M) What food item do I get Michael to order for because im too embarrassed to say it
M) Name the Tafe I went to OR Tafe Course I completed
M) The only operation I have ever had was to get what removed
M) What did I eat on my birthday that made me vomit and cry
M) Name my favourite Disney/Disney-Pixar movie ever
M) Name a book I have read start to finish
M) What grade was I in when i found out Santa wasnt real, and what did i do
M) Where is the furthest I have been from home
H) What is the only prize I have ever won from entering a competition/raffle etc
H) What hospital was I born in
H) Name one of the three extra-curricular activities i participated in as a child
H) At what event did I embarass myself infront of my whole school by falling flat on my face
H) What did my stepdad do for a living
H) What was my first dogs name
H) Name the Artist of the first CD i ever owned
H) Whos was the only concert ive ever been to
H) Who did i dress up as for my high school muck-up day
H) My childhood fear was of
H) Whats my all-time favourite song
H) Who's wedding was I late to
H) I've owned 3 pairs of prescription glasses that I wear out of the house, Name one of the brands
H) My Granddads front door has a sign on it that reads 'Beware of _ _ _'
VH) Where did my mum threaten to send me when I misbehaved
VH) What did my mum threaten to do with my toys when I was naughty
VH) Where is my tribe from
VH) Instead of calling 'Shotgun' or 'Dibs', what phrase did me and my childhood friends come up with? (dont use spaces)

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