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Whose legs sometimes glitch transparent?
Hadrian may be a reference to an emperor from where?
Eric Stirpe says he thinks of the DJ at Endercon of what name?
Before Telltale found out who the murderer was going to be in episode six, who kept asking Telltale to let her be the murderer?
Owen refers to which Mojang staff member?
What phobia does Soren have?
Aside from Jesse, who is the only character to own a fishing rod?
Which Redstonia resident is hard of hearing?
Who stole DanTDM's enchanted flint and steel?
Isa names the Eversource what?
Which Redstonia resident has acrophobia (the fear of heights)?
Ivor set the Witherstorm to track what?
Who was the king of Boom Town?
Mevia has nightmares about whom?
What of Harper's does Ivor keep?
If Jesse does nothing when Otis (the butcher) has Reuben, what will Reuben do?
Who is the only female Ocelot/Blaze Rod?
Who, besides Jesse, is (no matter what choice you make) in every single episode of Minecraft: Story Mode?
Who, besides StampyCat, is the only surviving YouTuber?
Who is the leader of the secret Build Club?
What did Em work as in her home world?
Where did Jesse meet Reuben?
Which Ocelot can be seen at the DJ booth during Endercon?
Who is the only member of the Order of the Stone who wears a helmet even after episode one?
PAMA stands for what?
What is Ellegaard's favorite food?
What is the usher's name?
What is the only episode title card in which Jesse does not appear?
Who is the first character to dual wield swords?
Who is the first character to speak, other than the narrator?
What item can be found in DanTDM's inventory as a reference to his YouTube channel?
Who is the first to be killed in episode six?
Which gladiator talks in third person?
Winslow's fur consists of what colors?
Who is Ellegaard's assistant?
Who is the first character in the game to be able to directly kill Jesse?
Who is accused of stealing his ideas?
Who was named after a young Minecraft: Story Mode player who suffered from cancer and passed away before episode eight was released?
Who is the first Old Builder to be introduced?
If Jesse says nothing when giving a team name at the building competition, what will the announcer call them?
What may have determined Capital T's name?
What does Farmer Gloria use her sugar to make?
Reginald doesn't recognize what kind of block?
Who is the only female gladiator with a confirmed name?
Cassie Rose is named after whom?
Who tells Jesse to stay away from the schoolboy?
What is the name of the woman Jesse mistakenly confronted, thinking she was Ivor?
Who is the leader of the Blaze Rods?
Lydia refers to which Mojang staff member?
Sigge built a what kind of machine?
Who is the tallest in Jesse's group when Axel is absent?
Mabel lived where before Redstonia?
CaptainSparklez is accidentally killed by whom?
Otto is a stickler for what?
Who and Ron (a robot from Harper's lab) may be references to Harry Potter?

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