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Can you name the TV tropes for which Star Wars is the trope namer?

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A statement is justified through a shaky technicality
A parent reveals his relationship to his child
A character's reaction to being told the probabiltiy of success
The villain tries to get the hero to kill him
A Shoot the Dog moment is changed to make the hero more sympathetic
A mentor's former student has become evil
A weapon used by a small, elite group of people
The heroes are trapped by something big and scary, only to be saved by something bigger and scarier
The bad guy kills one of his henchmen who fails to kill the hero
A powerful character doesn't want a fight
A character can sense another's power
The bad guys can't aim
The villains are more popular than the good guys
A character isn't really the last of his kind
Characters discover a landmark isn't what it appears to be
An evil character's heavy breathing

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