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Who is the creator?
What kind of potion does Twilight create?
What internet meme pops up in a purple cloud when Twilight adds the last ingredient to the potion
The outfit of what Batman villain can be seen when Twilight is explaining what if Rarity would drink the Potion
What Pokemon can be seen when Twilight is explaining if Fluttershy drank the potion?
Which pony drinks the potion?
What large pony do we see saying 'YEAAAAAAH!' for absolutly no reason?
What kind of face is on the moon?
Rainbow dash goes so fast that she is able to go to what other Lauren Faust created universe?
What does Bubbles want to name Rainbow Dash?
What pony brings Rainbow Dash back to the MLP universe?
What words does Rainbow Dash say when she sees the destruction that Ponyville has because of her?
What is the last Lauren Faust non-pony character we see before the credits
How long did it take for this animation to be made?

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