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They started saying when you can't run, hide, when you can't hide, run,Run And Hide (Evolution)
And if the riptide comes to get me and pulls me under, won't upset me, I'll go down,White Flag (Eyes Wide Open)
Big lights, people, rushing to grow up before you know,Too Young (Eyes Wide Open)
Catch up, catch up, I've gotta pace myself I'm always wondering, but I don't need to go right now,Right Now (Eyes Wide Open)
We don't need a dream to be wide awake when everyday is ecstasy,All We Have Is Love (Evolution)
We are young we are gold, tryin things we didn't know,We'll be the stars (Eyes Wide Open)
Back to the beginning, gonna hit rewindThe middle Of Starting over (Eyes Wide Open)
I should've shut my mouth, I could've kept it quiet,Can't Blame A Girl for Trying (Eyes Wide Open)
We can't get the timing, because I was running,Feels Like Loneliness (Evolution)
Somewhere in the world they think they're workin for themselves, They get up everyday to go to work for someone else,Thumbs (Evolution)
All these voices in our head, well they keep screamin louder and louder,Shadows (Evolution)
You, give me a reason to, feel what I feel when everything is under attack, you got my heart, I don't want it backDon't Want It Back (Evolution)

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