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ACountry in South America
ALarge, atom-like structure in Belgium
ALongest mountain range in the world
ADesert in northern Chile
BFormer name of Myanmar
BCountry in Central America whose primary language is English
BCountry with the highest average elevation
BLargest city of Idaho
CCapital of Wales
CSecond longest river in Africa
CLargest city in Benin
CPrimary language of Andorra
DCountry in the Caribbean with another country's name in it
DCapital of Northern Territory in Australia
DCity in the top 10 in Germany
DOnly country with D and J next to each other
EOnly country in Africa to border Asia
ETallest tower in Paris
EFifth largest city in the Netherlands
EAsmara is the capital of what country
FFourth most populated country in Oceania
FCapital of the Tuscany region of Italy
FTallest mountain in Japan
FFourth least populated capital in the world
GCountry that is also a USA state
GCountry that is surrounded by Senegal
GSecond largest metro in Mexico
GLeast densely populated territory in the world
HBusiest Airport in the world (airport name, not city)
HCapital of Nova Scotia
HLanguage used throughout India
HNorthernmost of the four main Japanese islands
IA narrow strip of land with sea on either side
ICountry in Middle East with a Theocracy
ICity in Russia, greater than 500,000 people
IOnly capital of a country that starts with I
JLargest island of Indonesia (includes another country)
JUsain Bolt's home country
JCountry's capital that is to be moved because it is currently sinking
JCountry's capital currently split between two countries
KCountry that ends in -stan
KUSA state that has Mammoth Cave
KSecond largest city of Nigeria
KCapital of the country in Africa that split up in 2011
LCountry that does not use metric system
LHighest capital of a country above sea level
LSecond largest city in Pakistan
LCapital of the Uttar Pradesh state in India
MCountry where Timbuktu is located
MFourth largest island
MRiver that flows from China to Vietnam
MDestination of the Hajj
NOnly capital of a country with D and J next to each other
NOnly country with a flag that is not a rectangle
NCountry in Africa whose name contains the name of another country in Africa
NNative USA language used as code in WWII
OLargest city in Aruba
OUSA National Park in the Pacific northwest
OCapital of landlocked country in Africa
PCanal connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
PCommonwealth of the USA in the Caribbean
PFormerly the capital of the Nabatean Kingdom, in present day Jordan
POne of the capitals of the only country with three separate capital cities
QCapital of a country
QImportant God to the Aztec Panteon
QChinese city known for the founding of the Tsingtao Brewery
RLargest country in the world (area)
RMonument with four of the USA president's faces carved out of rock
RNational Park in USA boasting the tallest trees in the world
RCapital in Asia
SIsland nation in Asia
SNational Park in northern Tanzania
SSecond most populated city in Indonesia
SCountry with a cardinal direction that does not end in a vowel
TState in Australia that is and island off the southeastern coast
TCapital of Bhutan
TSecond largest lake in Africa
TCapital of New Jersey
UState in USA
UCapital of a country
UAlso known as Ayers Rock
UCity in Netherlands, greater than 100,000 people
VCapital of Liechtenstein
VState in Australia
VCountry less than half of a square mile
VUSA state whose capital does not have an Interstate go through it
WEvergreen State (USA)
WCapital of Poland
WNational forest in Washington
WLargest city of Curacao (fourth most colorful city in the world)
XCapital of Shaanxi Province of China
XCity in southern Mozambique, greater than 100,000 people
XFifth king of the dynasty of Persia
XPort city in China formerly known as Amoy
YCapital of the third smallest country
YCapital of Cote D'Ivoire
YThe first National Park in the USA
ZNorthernmost country that starts with this letter
ZNational Park in the USA state of Utah
ZRiver in which Victoria Falls is on
ZSouthernmost country that starts with this letter

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