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QuoteMissing WordShort, speaker
'Sorry folks... dinner's postponed on account'o ____!'Vagabond Loafers, butler
'We're known as The Fish Market Duet.' 'Yeah, we sing for the ______.'Dunked in the Deep, Larry and Shemp
'I'll take a milkshake... with ____ milk!'Punchy Cowpunchers, Shemp
'When you make a left turn put your ___ out!'Dopey Dicks, Moe
'Strange men are following me!' 'They'd be strange if they ______. Hee hee hee!'Dopey Dicks, Louise and Shemp
'Let's cremate 'im.' 'We can't do that... we ain't got no _____.'Love at First Bite, Moe and Larry
'Listen to me spout Shakespeare! A rose by any other name would smell...' 'And so do ___!'Three Hams on Rye, Moe and Larry
'I'm Brown from the Sun.' 'Aww, that's too bad. Are 'ya _______?'Studio Stoops, Brown and Moe
'If you fall off, watch out for the traffic!' 'It's alright, the _____ light's with me.'Studio Stoops, Moe and Shemp
'Did anyone ever point a gun at you?' 'Yeah, but he couldn't shoot me.' 'How come?' 'I had my ______ in the barrel!'Slaphappy Sleuths, Fuller Grime and Larry
'Camel's hair brush? Hmmmh... must be da ____.'A Snitch in Time, Shemp
'Ah-ka-sata-na, my-yara-wah, oon-ool-yun-die-ng. Oh, _____ ______.' Three Arabian Nuts, Moe
'______!' 'You don't smell so good, either!'Baby Sitter Jitters, Moe and Shemp
'There's a thousand reasons why I shouldn't _____... but I can't think of one right now.'Baby Sitter Jitters, Shemp
'Any resemblance between the Three Stooges and regular human beings is a dirty _____.'Don't Throw That Knife, Opening caption
'I better have another drink... I can still see her ____.'Scrambled Brains, Larry
'Larry, she won't marry me! She'll call me '______', I know it!'Scrambled Brains, Shemp
'Hey, what does that apprehensive mean?' 'It means you're scared -- with a college _________.'Merry Mavericks, Moe and Larry
'... and go to ____.' 'Ooohh, you said a nasty word.' [smack!]Merry Mavericks, Moe and Shemp
'Easy!!!! The mouth is in the front! Oh, they _____ it, huh?'The Tooth Will Out, Moe and Shemp
'D'ya see any spots before your eyes?' 'Nah... but I used to see _________.'Pest Man Wins, Larry and Moe
'Roses are red, violets are blue...' 'You crush his _____, I'll break 'im in two.'A Missed Fortune, Shemp and Moe
'Good work, Larry! Keep it up and I'll give you some C-A-N-D-Y!' 'Ah, you know I don't _____!'Listen, Judge, Moe and Larry
QuoteMissing WordShort, speaker
'G'wan you French poodle, your father's got ______!'Listen, Judge, Moe
'The tacks won't come out!' 'They went in... maybe they're ______ tacks.'Corny Casanovas, Larry and Shemp
'I'm engaged to three beautiful girls! Just ask my _________.'He Cooked His Goose, Larry
'You can be Secretary of the Offense, you'll be Secretary of the Inferior, and I'll be ___________ General!'Three Dark Horses, Moe
'We can buy a yacht.' 'And go fishin'!' 'You got _____?' 'Yeah, but I'm goin' anyhow.'Three Dark Horses, Moe and Larry
'Vote for the one and only... that fearless, that honest man! Of the people, by the people, for the people, and _______ the people!'Three Dark Horses, Moe
'How will drinking cure your red nose?' 'Drink 'til it turns ____!'Cuckoo on a Choo-Choo, Lenore and Shemp
'G-A-R-A-J... some speller you turned out to be. Don't you know there's an _ on the end of it?!'Booty and the Beast, Moe
'How dare you look like someone I _____!'Tricky Dicks, woman
'My sister was engaged to a guy with a wooden leg, but she broke it off.' 'The engagement?' 'Nah, the ___.'Tricky Dicks, Larry and Moe
'The body of your friend Slug McGurk was found wrapped up in newspapers. Now, I know you can't believe everything you see in the ___________...'Tricky Dicks, Shemp
'Oh no, Dr. Jekyll!' 'Dr. Jekyll? We must ____!'Spooks! Bea Bopper and Shemp
'... That great, big chimney-panzee! He looked just like my _____________!'Spooks! Shemp
'Do you like asparagus?' 'Love 'em!' 'Then here's a couple o' ____ for ya.' [ploink!]Pardon My Backfire, Moe and Larry
'Mama loved Papa... Papa loved women... Mama _______ Papa with 2 girls in swimmin'.'Shot in the Frontier, Moe
'I used to play in five _____, but I got kicked outta the last one.'Gypped in the Penthouse, Shemp
'There must be a way to get that ring without getting into trouble with the ______!'Gypped in the Penthouse, Shemp
'Here's the last known location of the ________.' 'Ah, c'mon, she's on television. I always watch Dinah Shore.'Stone Age Romeos, Moe and Larry
'Only fools are positive!' 'Are you sure?' 'I'm _______!'Wham-Bam-Slam, Moe and Larry
'I'm Halliday.' 'I'm Terraday.' 'I'm St. _______ Day! Hee hee hee!'Blunder Boys, Moe, Larry, and Shemp
'I filed Smith's toupee under 'D'.' 'What's the idea of filing it under 'D'?' 'It had ________.'Creeps, Shemp and Moe
'That Emir of Schmow's a cutthroat... suppose he cuts my throat?' 'So, you'll look like you have _ mouths.'Rumpus in the Harem, Larry and Moe

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