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QuoteMissing wordShort, Speaker
'Dear Mr. Jack... Look at the way he spells Jack... ____.'Cactus Makes Perfect, Curly
'Haunt that house!' 'How many rooms?' 'Seven.' 'With ____?' 'Go on!' [slap!]What's the Matador? Moe and Curly
'Dolores... Dolores?' 'Yeah, see Esther.' 'Ah, ______!' 'You gonna start that again?' [smack!]What's the Matador? Mexican man, Larry, and Moe
'Gee, I wonder if I looked like that when I was delivered by the stork?' 'When you were born, you were delivered by a _______.'Sock-a-Bye Baby, Curly and Moe
'So, F.B.I. huh?' 'No, I Be ______!'They Stooge to Conga, Nazi spy and Curly
'You know I get dizzy in high places!' 'You're dizzy in ___ places.'They Stooge to Conga, Curly and Moe
'I don't wanna be dead! There's no ______ in it!'Dizzy Detectives, Curly
'How do you spell head?' '_____. Head!'Dizzy Detectives, Curly
'You remind me of a girlfriend in Detroit... but you look more like her __________!'Three Little Twirps, Curly
We get half a slice o' ham, & half an egg apiece... you get a whole ____ & a whole eggshell... and you're squawkin!?'I Can Hardly Wait, Moe
'That'll pick you right up.' 'Lay you right ____ too!'Phony Express, Moe and Curly
'You sho' is ____!'Janitor, A Gem of Jam
'Such levity! You remind me of The _____ ________!' 'Hey! That's an insult!'Crash Goes the Hash, Flint and Curly
'Not can of peas, can'a'peas!! One of us is crazy and it's not ___.' Crash Goes the Hash, Larry
'So it shouldn't be a total loss, I'm taking a ____!'Gents without Cents, Curly
'If there's anything I like better than honey and ketchup, it's baloney and whipped --- and we haven't got any!'Idiots Deluxe, Moe
'Blow it out, or I'll blow out your brains!... or a reasonable _________ thereofIf a Body Meets a Body, Moe
'No, no. Too too morbid' 'The morbid, the _______!'If a Body Meets a Body, Moe and Curly
'Remember folks, ______ spelled sideways is ottri-guh-guh.'Micro-Phonies, Moe
'Say a few syllables! Utter a few ___________!'Beer Barrel Polecats, Moe
'Who told you, you need glasses?' 'An ____________.'The Three Troubledoers, Moe and Curly
'Ye Olde ____.'Three Little Pirates, Pinball machine sign
'Sit down you Flatbush ________!'Three Little Pirates, Moe
'Oh, see the deer. Has the deer a little doe?' 'Yeah, two ____!'Half-Wits Holiday, Curly and Larry
'You act as though the Sword of Damocles was hanging over your head.' 'Lady, you must be _______!'Half-Wits Holiday, Mrs. Smythe-Smythe and Moe
QuoteMissing wordShort, Speaker
'There goes Shemp with a left jab. There goes Shemp with a right upper-cut. There goes Shemp with a haymaker! (crash) There goes _____.'Fright Night, Moe
'How do you like that guy - wasted a perfectly good _____ ____!' Fright Night, Shemp
'Son, NEVER in the history of motion pictures has the United States Cavalry been too ____.'Out West, Colonel
'You boys are ______.' 'Not yet we ain't.'Out West, Nell and Moe
'Them's fightin' words in my country!' 'Well then let's fight.' 'Well we ain't in my _______.'Hold That Lion! Shemp and Slipp
'You're supposed to be singing about the voices of spring, not the eruption of a _______.'Brideless Groom, Shemp
'You wouldn't hit a lady with that?... Use this, it's ______.'Brideless Groom, Moe
'Teddy Hoosevelt?' 'You're wrong, quiz-___.'Sing a Song of Six Pants, Shemp and Moe
'It's tremendous!' It's colossal!' It's ______!'All Gummed Up, Shemp
'It's a ________.' 'Never mind who you bought it from, what make is it?'Pardon My Clutch, Clyde and Shemp
'It can be caused by excessive use of the grey matter of the _____.' 'Aw, must be something else.' 'Sure, can't be that.'Pardon My Clutch, Clyde, Moe, and Shemp
'He's from southern Scotland... below the MacMason-MacDixon ____.'The Hot Scots, Moe
'Glenheather Castle, on the Bonny Banks of Scotland... but 'tis late, and the bonny banks are _______.'The Hot Scots, Title card
It's a good thing you hit me with ______, or I'd resent that!Heavenly Daze, Larry
'I wonder which one of these guys is Dapper?' 'Nobody looks ______ in here!'Crime on Their Hands, Larry and Shemp
'I'm Honest Moe, that's Honest Shemp and that's......well that's ______.'Mummy's Dummies. Moe
'Six lions were tearing me apart, bit by bit! Six lions!' 'Quit ____!'The Ghost Talks, Shemp and Moe
'Me? I'm Red.' 'Oh ... Red ________!'The Ghost Talks, skeleton and Shemp
'There was an ugly-lookin' thing starin' right at me. It was horrible! Whaddya know? It was ___! 'Who Done It? Shemp
'They tied me up and made me listen to singing ___________. I thought I'd go mad!... MAD!'Who Done It? John Goodrich
'Say, you can't get this guy out of ____ ____.' 'Good, that's just where he belongs.'Hokus Pokus, Shemp and Larry
'He's the most intelligent imbecile I've ever seen.' 'Hey, what about me?' 'Oh, you're much smarter... you're just an ________.'Fuelin' Around, Moe and Shemp
'We gotta fool 'em... savvy?' 'You're right, it's our duty to _________.'Fuelin' Around, Moe and Larry
'Hot DOG! When it comes to cookin', I'm the cat's ____!'Malice in the Palace, Larry
'That murderous cut-throat. He has the famous 100 carat diamond!' '100 carats? He sure knew his ______.'Malice in the Palace, Hassan ben-Sober and Shemp

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