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QuoteMissing wordsShort, Speaker
'And when I'm finished with my crooning, on my knees I'll fall! My life! My love! My ___!Women Haters, Larry
'Burnt toast and a rotten egg? Whatta ya want that for?' 'I got a __________ and that's good enough for him!'Punch Drunks, Curly and Moe
'For duty and _______!'Men in Black, Moe, Larry, and Curly
'We graduated with the highest __________ in our class.'Men in Black, Larry
'All for one!' 'One for all!' 'Every man for ________Restless Knights, Moe, Larry, and Curly
'I got sick of the dough, and thought I'd go on the ___.'Uncivil Warriors, Curly
'He's known as 'Bloodhound Filbert', and he can smell a spy a mile away.' 'I'm glad he can't smell 'em ___ ______.'Uncivil Warriors, General Buttz and Curly
'Press.' 'Press.' '____... eeyuuhh!'Three Little Beers, Curly
'Tell me your name so I can tell your mother.' 'My mother knows my ____.'Movie Maniacs, Moe and Curly
'If at first you don't succeed, keep on suckin' til ya do ____ ____!'Movie Maniacs, Curly
'Would you fight for this great Republic, and...' 'Republican?! Naw, I'm a Democrat!' 'Not me!! I'm a ____________!' Half-Shot Shooters, Major Smith, Moe, and Curly
'Were you born in this country?!!' 'No, _________.'Half-Shot Shooters, Major Smith and Larry
'Say, Jasper, What comes after 75?' '76.' 'That's the ______!'Disorder in the Court, Moe and Larry
'Tarantula? Shot five holes in a _____!'Disorder in the Court, Moe
'Oh, I just love crab!' 'Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk... she don't know it's a ______.'A Pain in the Pullman, Hilda Title and Curly
'Nightmares you had to have, huh?' 'Yeah, but this was in __________!' [slap!]A Pain in the Pullman, Moe and Curly
'Is this work in competent hands?' 'Coitainly, we're all ___________!'Slippery Silks, Mr. Morgan and Curly
QuoteMissing wordsShort, Speaker
'_______! _______! It makes old bodies new! We'll sell a million bottles, Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo!' (same word twice)Dizzy Doctors, Curly
'Speak to me kid, say somethin'. Come on, please say somethin'!' '_________.'3 Dumb Clucks, Moe and Curly
'Fire at will.' 'Which one is ____?'Back to the Woods, Moe and Curly
'Buffalo Bill.' 'Buffalo Billious.' '____ _____ Bill.'Goofs and Saddles, Curly, Moe, and Larry
'Oh! I've got four _____ in my back!'Goofs and Saddles, Larry
'... I find it possible to extend to you Executive ________.' 'Oh please, no, not that!'Cash and Carry, the President and Curly
'I got ______. Which one is she?'The Sitter-Downers, Curly
'If a Pie-Eyed Piper can call them out, I guess I can _____.Termites of 1938, Curly
'You mean I'm _____ in pig language?' 'You're _____ in any language.'Tassels in the Air, Curly and Moe
'Sure, you can help. Go mix me a batch of _______ paint.'Tassels in the Air, Moe
'This bed goes back to Henry the 8th.' 'That's nuthin'. We had a bed that went back to _____ ________ the 3rd.'Healthy, Wealthy, and Dumb, Hotel Costa Plente manager and Moe
'Mildew has a lovely student body.' 'Your's wouldn't be so bad either if you took off about 20 ______.' Violent Is the Word for Curly, Mrs. Sufferin Catsby and Moe
'20 minutes to the pound. We'll be here a _____.'Violent Is the Word for Curly, Moe
'________ don't taste so good since Prohibition. They ain't so careful like when they used it for makin' gin.'Three Little Sew and Sews, Curly
'One move out of you, and I'll kill you.' 'If you do, I'll never ____ to you again!'Three Little Sew and Sews, Miss Olga Arvin and Moe
'I'll be back in a _____ with a _____, and I do mean _____!' (same word 3 times)A Ducking They Did Go, Curly
'Speak to me, kid! Say somethin'!' '________!' (different from #19)Yes, We Have No Bonanza, Moe and Curly
QuoteMissing wordsShort, Speaker
'You know I'm temperamental.' 'Yeah, 95% temper, 5% _____.'Saved by the Belle, Curly and Moe
'Hey, don't look now, but I think we're about to be ______.Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise, Curly
'Wait a could a bear get down there?' 'It's ______ possible.'Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise, Moe and Curly
'To you, I give Mickey-Finland.' 'If I get Mickey-Finland, I'd better be rushin'.' 'Then quit _____.'You Nazty Spy! Moe, Larry, and Curly
'Dis house has sho' gone _____!'A Plumbing We Will Go, Dudley Dickerson
'Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockle shells, and one measly ________!'Nutty, But Nice, Curly
'Looks like a V8.' 'Did'ja ever hear of a V5?' 'What's that, a new car?' 'No, it's an old ____!' [SLAP!]How High Is Up? Larry and Moe
'Good morning, sir. I'm the census taker. Are you married or _____?'No Census, No Feeling. Moe
'Lake Winnipesaukee... how do you spell that?' 'W-O-woof... make it Lake ____. I got an uncle there.'No Census, No Felling, Moe and Curly
'Calling all cars! Calling all cars! Be on the lookout for three photographers....d'ey ain't in ____!'Dutiful, but Dumb, Curly
'The characters in this picture are all fictitious. Anyone resembling them is better off ____.'I'll Never Heil Again! Opening caption
'I'll wipe out Greece!' 'Wait a minute....Chissolini tried it, and look what _______!'I'll Never Heil Again! Larry and Curly
'My father died dancing... on the end of a ___.'An Ache in Every Stake, Curly
'Take the gas pipe.' ...'Not you! The cake! I'll kill you _____... poisonally!'An Ache in Every Stake, Moe and Larry
'Beat me, Daddy, down to the _____!'Some More of Samoa, Curly
'Hi Amos!' 'Hi Andy.' 'How's Light'nin'?' 'I don't know, but I think it's gonna strike any ______.'Some More of Samoa, Larry and Moe

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