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Can you name the Runners-up to Ralph DePalma?

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Riverhead Class A1909
Jepsen Trophy Race1912
Elgin Race 41912
Elgin Trophy Race1912
William K. Vanderbilt Cup1912
Chicago Auto Club Trophy Race1913
William K. Vanderbilt Cup1914
Chicago Auto Club Trophy Race1914
Elgin National Trophy Race1914
International 500 Mile Sweepstakes1915
Kalamazoo Race1915
Des Moines Race1916
Minneapolis Race1916
Omaha Sprint Race (NC)1916
Kansas City Race 1 (NC)1916
Chicago Race 21917
Harkness Handicap (NC)1918
Liberty Handicap (NC)1918
Chicago Race 11918
Chicago Race 21918
Chicago Race 31918
International Sweepstakes Race 11918
International Sweepstakes Race 21918
International Sweepstakes Race 31918
International Sweepstakes Main1919
Elgin Race1920
Syracuse Race (NC)1920
Beverly Hills Heat 1 (Feb.)1921
Beverly Hills Main1921
Beverly Hills Heat 1 (Apr.)1921
Rockingham 100 (NC)1925
Syracuse 100 (NC)1925
Syracuse 50 (NC)1926

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