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A formal request written for a particular cause
To evoke or annul
The intellectual movement in the late 17th and 18th centuries emphasizing individualism
An act to prevent departure or entrance
A person who is authorized to represent others
especially unfair treatment
Soldiers who fought on horseback
A ship used by a government to capture enemy ships
One who betrays something
To give up
A complete control over a suppliers trade
Enroll in an armed service
A colonist who supported the British during the revolution
With drawl from a social situation as a protest
A military force gathered from a civilian population to fight in an emergency
A court order instructing a law official to perform a certain way
An introduction stating an aim
A soldier paid to fight for a foreign country
A military combat technique taught by Native Americans using the art of surprise and speed
A firm decision
A person not in the armed forces
a military force gathered from a civil population to fight in an emergency
A soldier who volunteers to be ready in a short notice
An agreement between two countries or groups for a specific purpos
A person who supported the colonists side in the Revolotionary war
An inhabitant of mainland Europe

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