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Can you name the facts concerning Lee Harvey Oswald?

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Date of Birth (month, day, and year)
Place of Birth (city)
Parents' first names
Brothers' first names
Step Father's first name
A psychiatrist recommended treatment for a young Oswald while he was living in what city?
As a teenager, Oswald declared himself what?
Oswald enrolled into this branch of service in 1956
Of the three shooting designations: Marksman, Sharpshooter, and Expert, which designation did Oswald never achieve on any test?
Oswald defected to this country in 1959
Wife's first name
Daughters' first names
After returning to the United States, the Oswalds settled in this city
According to the findings of police and two government investigations after the fact, Oswald attempted to assassinate this US military officer
Oswald became involved with this organization, and has been photographed handing out leaflets
According to Oswald's wife, he had ambitions to travel to Cuba via this country
Oswald's neighbour in Dallas who got him a job
The job was in what building?
Oswald was connected to this type of bolt-action rifle
The rifle was ordered under this name
Oswald was found with photo identification under this alias
Oswald's rifle was found where on November 22, 1963? (floor and building)
Oswald was apprehended for the murder of which individual?
Oswald was detained in this builiding
Oswald is the primary suspect and most commonly alleged assassin of which US President?
Before he could be brought to trial for the aforementioned murders, Oswald was assassinated by whom?
Hospital where both Oswald and the aforementioned US President died
Date of Death (month, day, and year)
Oswald was determined guilty of acting alone in the assassination of the aforementioned President by what committee?
...Commissioned by this US President
While this committee determined there was a possibly the President was assassinated as the result of a conspiracy, it was unable to identify another shooter other than Oswald

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