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Entertainment: The 3 Rodgers and Hammerstein plays to win the Tony Award for Best Musical
Gaming: The 3 starter Pokemon in the Red and Blue Versions
Geography: The 3 countries that comprise Great Britain
History: The 3 US Presidents who were in office during the World Wars
Holiday: The 3 individuals honored with a federal holiday in the US
Just For Fun: The 3 types of 'Just For Fun' quizzes that are part of Sporcle's 'Daily Dose'
Language: In English, the 3 articles (part of speech)
Literature: The 3 books of the Lord of the Rings trilogy
Movies: The only 3 animated films to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture
Miscellaneous: The 3 standard Happy Meal entrée choices at McDonald's
Music: Nirvana's 3 studio albums
Religion: The 3 members of the Hindu Trimurti
Science: The 3 Noble Prize categories for science
Sports: The 3 Canadian teams in Major League Soccer (US)
Television: Besides the title character, the 3 protagonists of 'Seinfeld'

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