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Can you name the worst Pokemon moves?

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Weakest damaging move
Worse version of trick and switcheroo
Does literally nothing
Heals the opposing pokemon
Special attack doesn't make confusion hurt more
Does nothing in trainer battle but makes Abra a huge pain
Terrible Water hm
Terrible Normal hm
This has pathetic accuracy for a move that causes confusion
20% chance to heal the opponent
2 turns for an 80 Power move
Why would you ever use this over return?
Takes two turns to put the target to sleep
Just use sleep talk instead of this
Why lower power of electric types when you are immune to it?
Why lower power of fire types when you resist it?
Gives the opponent an amazing ability
Only works on 1-2 types, depending on the Pokemon
Lowers accuracy but doesn't have 100% accuracy itself
This move requires the useless ability plus or minus
Makes a target go last
75 accuracy, only 80 power
Only blocks moves that hit multiple Pokemon
Only blocks priority moves for a single turn
Worse version of mega drain
Breaks protect and detect but has only 30 power
Lowers Sp. Attack but only works on opposite gender
Swap positions with an ally Pokemon
Starting move with less power than tackle
Starting move with less power than tackle

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