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Profile QuestionsAnswer
name of first book
First Boyfriend?
what is her animal form?
Second Boyfriend?
name of second book
name of best friend at red desert
name of best friend (alive)
what is her power?
Fourth Boyfriend?
name of master
name of ally in competition
name of empire
name of prequel collection
What is her real name?
age at prequel
Profile QuestionsAnswer
name of grandmother
What is her nickname as queen?
what is her dog's name?
name of kingdom (she rules)
What is her assassin name?
who is she the heir of?
which form does she have powers?
name of best friend (dead)
name of fifth book - coming soon
where was she found at beginning of first book?
age at start of books
name of fourth book
what does she feel towards manon
Third Boyfriend?
name of third book

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