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As of 2016, what is the richest soccer team in the world?
What position did Terry Crews play when he was a football player?
What former NBA player holds the record for most technical fouls committed in a season?
What was the last team that Desagana Diop played for?
What soccer team team holds the record for the 'joint most relegated team in Premier League,' tied with Newcastle United?
In what country did the soccer game with the most own goals ever take place?
Who is the shortest player to ever play in a baseball game?
What golfer in 1938 set a record for most shots in a 4-par hole?
Who is the only Samoan-born baseball player to ever play in the MLB?
Who is the tallest MMA fighter in the world today?
What former NBA player holds the record for most consecutive games ejected?
Who is the best female table tennis player in the world?
What rugby player has the highest percent strike rate (kicking) in the world?
Who is the heaviest rugby player to ever play internationally?
As of 2016, who is the best Uzbek 100m and 200m freestyle swimmer?

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