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'Sometimes I think you speak just to hear yourself talk'
'Can I sell guns in this location ? '
'I'm so depressed I can't even blink '
'He looks like an angel, a dead angel'
'It's just American singles cut up into little squares '
'I think god has a plan for me...and it involves puppets '
'Oh it's real yarr, Sug'
'This is where I'm gonna stick my light my firebird lighter '
'I'm sorry but at this time I'm gonna have to reject your advances'
'My god! That is quite the savings'
'You know what Ford stands for don't ya? Fix it again tony'
'I am very fluent listen to me roll my r's'
'You may wanna bring a valid credit card'
'Don't care who, do care sourdough'
'6AM and already that boy ain't right '

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