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Character who said 'Ha! I played you like a set of spoons!'
'I am not a nun , I'm a _____'
Who was stealing office supplies from Strickland ?
How did Hank get mono in high school ?
What does bill steal from the army after uncovering his medical files revealing he was supposedly a test subject ?
'Guns don't kill people, ____ _________ ______'
Who is hanks hero?
How does hank try to get his fathers license revoked ?
What three scams has Peggy been lured into?
'who? Who in the _____ tricked you?'
What does Peggy accidentally tell the bystander readers to make to fight stains ?
Who wrote bobbys 'A' essay?
Why did Luanne almost crash into the wiener wagon?
In 'after the mold rush' what dolls of bobbys are soaked by the leaking water?
'Boy you get a lot of ______ for four bucks '
Where does Luanne see buckleys angel?
In 'Hanks Bully' Caleb sings 'dusty old bones , ____ of _____ ______'
What does Peggy want to buy while in Mexico?
What does bobby say the Mexican black market make up tastes like?
Rad is a self proclaimed what?
Bobby accuses John redcorn of being a _____?
What does hank refer to bandit( the raccoon bobby befriends) as ?
Where do both hank and bobby say their phones are ?

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