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first linesecond lineno. of words/song title
I can't feel the way I did before10/Faint
It's like I'm paranoid looking over my back8/Papercut
I try to give you warning4/Nobody's Listening
This is the last time11/Pushing me away
Dluohs uoy dna hteet rouy hsurb dluohs uoy3/Announcement Service Public
Floating down as colours fill the light10/Blackout
I'm sick of feeling6/given up
'cause Im sick of being treated like I had before9/hands held high
I've opened up these scars5/bleed it Out
Sometimes I think of letting go and never looking back10/Easier to Run
Everything you say to me13/One Step Closer
Let me apologies to begin with9/In Between
Sometimes I feel I trusted you too well8/Don't Stay
first linesecond lineno. of words/song title
Your voice was all I herd6/New Divide
Against my will I stand beside my own reflection2/Crawling
You love the things I'll say I do12/Points of Authority
Your time is borrowed7/No More Sorrow
I'll paint it on the walls6/Breaking the Habit
Keep me in your memory5/Leave out all the rest
There's truth in your lies4/In Pieces
Its all to much to take in6/By Myself
Cards and flowers on the window8/shadow of the day
Trying not to break but I'm so tiered of this deceit14/From the Inside
Can't you see that your smothering me?7/Numb
One thing, I don't know why8/In the End

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