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Can you name the Facts About the History of Buddhism and Its Basic Ideals?

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Buddhist Clan focused on meditation
Buddhism is the ___ largest religion in the world
Common name of the Buddha
A major branch of Buddhism supported by the fourth general council
'the Greater Vehicle' branch of Buddhism that claimed it could carry more people to nirvana
One member of the Sangha
The Buddha's father received a _______
The Birth year of the Buddha
Buddhism does not preach belief in any of these
The Buddha rejected the ____ of Hinduism
Buddhism was not successful in China until the fall of the ___ dynasty
A religion similar to Buddhism that opposes violence
Buddhism reached China via __________
The Buddha was sheltered by his father from _____
The Buddha's curiousity led him on _____ wanderings
Buddhism flourished under the ___ dynasty in China
Buddhism came to Japan through ____
Buddhism did this is Japan
The social position into which the Buddha was born
Name one of the Four Noble Truths
Name one of the ideals of the Noble Eightfold Path (no need to include 'right' in your answer)
Blissful nothingness or a state free of ignorance and worldly obsession
The Buddha's age when his curiosity lead him to wander
Meaning of 'Buddha'
The head of demons who taunted the Buddha during his meditation

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