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QUIZ: 7d in a w: That's 7 days in a week. Can you interpret those numbers correctly to name the desired topic?

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Forced Order
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8p in our ss. Which one is the 2nd?
F is the largest of 28c in the EU.
In which f do 7d accommodate SW?
2m consist of 120s. What's m?
There are 193c in the w. Name 1 beginning with G.
There are 26l in the a. Name the 19th.
There are 118ce in the pt. H is the 1st.
10y are 1d. What's d?
1d equals 100p. Who's on the 1db?
s, l, g and p are the 4s of ... (m)
KM claims there were 9.000.000 b in which c?
w reaches its highest d at 4c. What is w?
There are 4s in 1y. What's the last one called?
The 8th is A. But which m is the first?
In 1969, there were 2a on the m. Name 1 of them.
7d in 1w. How many m in 1y?
There are 18q in the q. What is the a for #2?
1d has 6s and 21p in total. Pretend to throw one. what does it show?

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