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Can you name the correct answer to these hunger games question?

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How many districts originally were there?
Who is Buttercup?
Who does Katniss sell her strawberries to?
How does Katniss sell her squirrels to?
Who does Katniss usually hunt with?
Who does Katniss get her Mockingjay pin from? (In the book)
Who is Madge's father?
What is district 4's industry?
Who does Katniss volunteer for in the Reaping?
How is the district 12 mentor?
Who is Katniss's designer?
Who is Peeta's deisgner?
What districts are considered the career tributes?
Who is first to die in the hunger games?
How does Katniss destroy the careers supplies by the mines?
Who kills rue and how does he kill her?
During the game when only 4 people are left, what announcement is made?
How does foxface die?
How many dogs chase Peeta, Katniss, and Cato?
What is the announcement made after Cato dies?
Who is incharge of the arena and is the head gamemaker?
How does Seneca Crane die and who kills him?
How do Katniss and Peeta make a diversion at the end of the game?
In Catching Fire, What is the theme for the 75 annual Hunger games (Quarter Quell)
Name the type of arena there is.
Name the 6 tributes who survived the 75 annual hunger games.
Who is the leader of the Rebellion?

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